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Facebook Speeds Past 1.55 Billion Users And Q3 Estimates With $4.5B Revenue

Facebook’s expansion continues as it strike 1.55 billion users and kick a street’s estimates in its Q3 2015 earnings with $4.5 billion in income and $0.57 gain per share, adult a large 11.3% from $4.04 billion final quarter.

Facebook’s monthly user count was adult neatly to 4.02% entertain over quarter from Q2’s 3.47% growth. That shows that while it competence have strike sign-up superfluity in a core markets, it’s still adding copiousness of users in a building world.

Analysts estimated Facebook would see $4.37 billion in income and $0.52 EPS.

Facebook DAU q3 2015

While Facebook’s sum user count gets lots of attention, daily active user is a many some-more accurate thoughtfulness of a health. Facebook’s DAU strike 1.01 billion following a record 1 billion user day in late August, adult from 968 million in Q2. That creates a DAU divided by MAU stickiness stat, or the commission of monthly users that come behind daily, a brawny 65.1%. That means notwithstanding everlasting claims that Facebook isn’t cold any more, many active users check it each singular day.

Facebook now has 1.39 billion mobile monthly users (up from 1.31 billion in Q2) and 894 million mobile dailies (up from 844 million). Mobile now creates adult a whopping 78% of Facebook’s promotion revenue, adult from 76% in Q2. There are now 727 million mobile-only Facebook users.

Surprisingly, Facebook combined 4 million users in a money-making core marketplace of a US and Canada. That’s some-more in a entertain than any time in a final 2 years. That means Facebook is still converting holdouts, newly of-age teens, and seniors.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 during 1.21.22 PM

Facebook’s GAAP net income for a final 3 months, its genuine profit, was $896 million, compared to $719 million final quarter. That’s considerable deliberation a drag of Facebook’s big investments in synthetic comprehension research in credentials for a wider launch of a Messenger personal partner M. Facebook’s shares immediately shot adult about 2.3% in after-hours trade following a gain announcement.

Facebook’s ability to continue flourishing while gripping costs in check so increase can arise should boost certainty in a association dynamic to build unconventional technologies like AI and practical reality.

Facebook Ad Revenue

Perhaps a usually dim mark on a gain was a continued decrease of remuneration income as Facebook’s web diversion height dies off as users change to mobile. But during $202 million, down from $215 million in Q2, payments make adult reduction than 5% of Facebook’s revenue, so it’s not that large of a deal.

[Update: During a gain call, a large proclamation was that Facebook now sees an normal of 8 billion daily video views from 500 million users, adult from 4 billion views in April. Mark Zuckerberg also remarkable that Facebook Groups now have 900 million monthly users, and he sees that as a flourishing event between wider pity on Facebook and Instagram, and private pity on Messenger and WhatsApp.]


As a whole, a entertain was some-more about Facebook investing in long-term product growth and spinning adult new income sources than saying them come to fruition. It’s doing complicated contrast around apropos a destination for both shopping and video viewership that primes a amicable network to run remunerative video ads.

Facebook also pushed on a hosted calm initiatives, entirely rising a Instant Articles module for creation publishers’ news articles bucket faster inside Facebook’s app. One new ad format to watch out for is “Canvas”. we like to call them “Instant Ads” given they bucket rich-media selling practice fast inside Facebook’s app when users click an ad. Since a format doesn’t miscarry a user knowledge by promulgation them to a browser, it could expostulate some-more clicks than normal ads and turn a large money cow for Facebook.

Facebook ARPU 2015 Q3

Facebook’s plan involves perplexing to lift as many of a Internet knowledge inside a categorical app, while locking in users with Messenger. This ensures they spend as many time as probable where it shows ads in a News Feed. Meanwhile, it’s portion younger and general user bases with Instagram and WhatsApp respectively. This allows it to build adult new userbases with opposite tastes but screwing adult a core experience.

Now over 11 years old, Facebook seems to be weathering a tests of time utterly well.


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