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Facebook ‘On This Day’ Lets You Keep Track of Your History

Facebook is rising a new underline permitting users to demeanour behind during things they have common or posts they have been tagged in on a sold day.

Do we remember what we were doing on this day 4 years ago? Facebook does.

The amicable network announced currently it is rising “On This Day,” a apparatus that will concede a 1.39 billion users to take a private look behind during what they were doing on this date in prior years.

There’s no need to worry about friends throwing any potentially annoying standing updates, photos or posts from your past unless a user owning a comment chooses to share it.

Facebook will start rolling out a underline currently globally. To get your possess blast from a past, click a bookmark on a left side of your news feed or hunt for “On This Day.”

Maybe you’ll laugh, cry or be desirous to reconnect with an aged friend. If not — Facebook pronounced users will be means to simply revise or undo any cringeworthy aged posts.


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