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Facebook Messenger Could Soon Let You Send Text Messages

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is now contrast an SMS formation underline for Messenger for Android, and it could shortly capacitate users to send out calm messages to their friends. The association has further combined in mixed comment support.
(Photo : Android Police)

Solid Facebook Messenger fans competence be happy to know that a app could shortly concede them to send calm messages as a association is now contrast SMS formation in Messenger. That’s not all Facebook is putting on a table, as it also launched support for mixed accounts.

Before anyone gets their hopes up, though, it is value mentioning that both of these nifty facilities are currently for Android users only.

Android Police primarily reported the new functionalities in Messenger. The news says during slightest one user who sloping Android Police has speckled a new SMS environment pane, claiming that he can use a app as his SMS client.

SMS Integration

For those who are not aware, Facebook Messenger used to have both present messaging and SMS formation features, most like Hangouts. However, Facebook motionless to curve divided from a latter behind in Nov 2013 as it believed this functionality “just didn’t take off.” Now, Facebook is bringing this underline behind into a Messenger app.

With this underline enabled, a prompt “Write an SMS message” shows adult within a calm submit box when texting a friend. Instead of a standard blue color, messages that users sent out as SMS texts would afterwards be shown as purple bubbles. Plus, a Messenger burble alongside a user’s picture within a review list is replaced with a purple one.

Actually, Facebook has already reliable to VentureBeat that it is now contrast this new feature.

“At Messenger, we are always perplexing to emanate new ways for people to promulgate seamlessly with everyone,” said the company’s spokesperson. “Right now, we’re contrast a ability for people to simply move all their conversations — from SMS and Messenger — to one place.”

The orator pronounced that this new underline will yield a approach for users to “get, see and respond to all [their] SMS messages in usually one app.”

He pronounced a underline is alongside a other softened facilities that a app offers.

Multiple Account Support

Facebook is also throwing in an engaging further to Messenger to captivate some-more people into a platform: mixed comment support.

The association has reliable that it has launched this underline on Android, enabling mixed accounts to exist in one device.

“Millions of people share phones with their family and friends,” Facebook’s orator said. “Until now, there hasn’t been an easy approach for people to entrance their particular Messenger accounts from common devices.”

With this feature, users will no longer need to constantly record in and out of a app to conduct mixed accounts. To use this functionality, conduct on over to a app’s Accounts territory and simply supplement users.

It is value observant that a accounts are password-protected so usually a comment holders can review their possess messages. Others will not be means to review a calm of a message; they are usually means to see a presentation that a summary has been received.

Multiple comment support, not like a SMS formation feature, is offered to all a users across a globe.


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