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Facebook expands LiveRail ad platform, though it’s not in a deathmatch with Google …

“The universe is vast adequate for both of them.”

That’s a takeaway from Forrester researcher Jim Nail following Facebook’s announcement currently that it is expanding LiveRail, a video ad height it purchased in 2014 — putting it in some-more approach foe with Google.

The amicable hulk pronounced that LiveRail will now support arrangement ads and local ads for mobile apps, not only desktop sites. It will also be means to daub into Facebook’s unknown user info for improved targeting. And publishers can conduct ads sole directly to advertisers, as good as ones regulating programmatic sources, like demand-side platforms or ad networks.

Although some observers are portraying this as Mike Tyson contra Evander Holyfield for a online ad industry, pitting Facebook contra Google’s DoubleClick and AdMob products, Nail says it’s some-more complex.

“It’s not a box of that one survives,” he told me, “because they any have a opposite kind of data.”

Google’s DoubleClick ad sell is clever in what’s called vigilant data, or, as Nail put it, “‘I’m in a marketplace to buy XYZ.’”

By contrast, Facebook is clever in user information showing what people like in general: “‘I’m a fan of this product.’”

Gartner VP Andrew Frank agrees.

“The universe can support some-more than one widespread player,” he said, adding that this foe among a giants is healthy for a digital ad ecosystem.

“This won’t siphon all a oxygen from a room, [and] everybody has a lot some-more to benefit [because] a marketplace is flourishing quick enough.”

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Forrester researcher Susan Bidel forked out that Facebook’s user information could, in fact, solve one of vast publishers’ biggest problems in mobile apps.

“Publishers are drifting blind in many cases on mobile devices,” she told me, given they sell their apps by Apple’s App Store and don’t have approach entrance to their users’ data.

“They can’t monetize, in partial given of this,” she said, though a mobile targeting accessible with Facebook’s user information competence assistance solve that problem — presumption that a targeting “remains apart from Facebook’s beginning to get some-more publishers” edition on a amicable network.

“As a calm height seeking some-more content, Facebook is a kind of aspirant as good as a calm venue — and now a incomparable ad resource — for publishers,” Bidel said.

“They’re frenemies.”

That’s a mobile arrangement ads and local promotion side. On a video ad side, Bidel pronounced that publishers with their possess sales bid will “continue to sell video ad register directly,” given it’s a best-paying kind of digital ads.

Facebook’s latest moves to emanate an end-to-end ad height a extends over a site is startling no one, given a moves for Atlas, a Audience Network, and a purchase final year of LiveRail.

“There’s fundamentally a hulk land-grab right now for ad-tech solutions that assistance publishers monetize their apps, and Facebook would be ridiculous not to try to take a share,” Oren Kaniel, CEO of mobile ad analytics organisation AppsFlyer, told me around email.

As distant as other vital competitors go, Twitter’s MoPub mobile ad network is some-more singular in a operation of inventory, publisher connections, and user data, while Yahoo and others are simply not during a same scale.

“Facebook is some-more and some-more imitative an ad-based media company,” Frank said.

Like, say, Google.

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