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Evan Rachel Wood on ‘Westworld’ Violence Against Women: "Wait for a Context"

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for a array premiere of HBO’s Westworld.]

As is a box with a Autobots and Decepticons, there’s some-more than meets a eye when it comes to a drudge hosts during a heart of HBO’s Westworld … generally Dolores, a lady subsequent doorway played by Evan Rachel Wood.

Dolores comes opposite innocently adequate during first. She’s a clinging daughter, a energetic painter, someone who always sees a good in life even in a midst of chaos. But these aren’t indispensably her drives, so many as they are partial of a programming instilled in her by Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and a other scientists obliged for Westworld. What’s more, Dolores’ childish physiognomy hides a intolerable truth: notwithstanding appearances, she’s indeed a oldest horde in Westworld.

“Holding in all of a secrets has been a bit unbearable,” Wood told The Hollywood Reporter about a premiere’s vast exhibit involving her character. “Dolores is essential [to a show’s mythology]. There are so many layers to her that we will solemnly start to uncover. She’s never utterly what we see.”

For their part, producers Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan wanted to try a thesis park during a heart of Westworld as an aged attraction, not a new one, and Dolores was one of their initial ways into that idea.

“We were preoccupied by a thought that if we make a good diversion space, a good and durable sourroundings like this, it would final for generations. People would come behind and move their kids to accommodate Dolores, a same approach they met her when they were a kid,” Nolan said. “Dolores has been a lady subsequent doorway with aspirations to transport and see a universe and shun her medium small loop for going on 35 years. That, to us, enhances a fear of her situation.”

Indeed, “horror” is a good word for it. Over a march of a initial partial alone, Dolores helplessly watches her desired ones die, and is even quickly prisoner by a puzzling Gunslinger (Ed Harris), dragged off-screen in a aroused manner, a specific horrors left to a viewers’ imagination.

“It’s positively unequivocally rough,” Wood pronounced about a show’s aroused nature, evidenced during mixed occasions via a premiere. “I don’t like tributary assault opposite women during all, though we would wait for a context in that it’s being used. As a uncover progresses, a approach it’s being used is unequivocally many a explanation and a demeanour during a amiability and because we find these things interesting and because this is an epidemic, and flipping it on a head. The roles for a women on this uncover are going to be unequivocally revolutionary. It’s unequivocally gender-neutral. we would ask, as somebody who is an disciple opposite any kind of abuse or assault and is outspoken about it, to give it a possibility and wait to see where it’s going. we consider it will warn people.”

It’s already surprising, given a many deaths and rebirths seen via a initial partial of Westworld. For instance, there’s James Marsden’s character, Teddy, a compassionate and vast horde who shares a intrigue with Dolores. Teddy dies twice in a premiere: once during a hands of a Gunslinger, and after during a hands of Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) and his gang. 

“As distant as core codes go, they are firm together in a way,” Wood says of Dolores and Teddy’s common connection, programming notwithstanding. “I would theory they always will be, in some capacity. Whatever form that takes.”

It’s unfit to envision a destiny of Westworld after usually one episode, though there is though a predicted inlet to a park’s inhabitants. The hosts are automatic to stay within their loops, rinsing and repeating a same accurate routines day in and day out. For example, Dolores’ loop involves waking up, exchanging pleasantries with her father (even if a horde personification her father competence change from day to day), streamer into Sweetwater, portrayal in a countryside, afterwards entrance home to declare her family’s evisceration during a hands of ruthless outlaws.

“It’s unequivocally a trip, doing a same stage over and over again, with slight variations,” Wood pronounced of a round inlet of a show’s characters. “It’s a smashing set-up removing to know these characters’ loops and where they’re ostensible to be so that we unequivocally notice when they’re not. That’s when things start going haywire.” 

Wood stresses that a exercise adds serve thematic value to a story: “I consider it’s about how we would demeanour to an design source, like a robot. We would be buffoons. We would be violent, kind of terrible creatures. If they were modeled after humans and did turn entirely conscious, they would have to ask if they would continue to be like us, or if they would insurgent and wish to destroy us? It would be in their hands. We’re not environment adult a unequivocally good instance right now.”

Who knows if Dolores and a other Westworld locals will one day insurgent and destroy their makers. (In that regard, Nolan creates it clear: “The strange film was many important for a grounds that we can build a place like this, though it won’t finish well. You have one or dual of these characters creation that regard over a march of a initial 4 episodes. That was not partial of a strange account that we wanted to abandon. This really won’t go good for a guest earlier or later.”) But during a unequivocally least, Dolores has already broken one life form: a fly. While it’s zero some-more than a small small life, it’s still a life, and a hosts are automatic to never mistreat vital creatures. What does this meant for a impression and for Westworld at large, then, that Dolores has already killed by a finish of a array premiere?

“It’s a initial pointer that she’s totally off book,” Wood teases. “She’s major her programming, that means it’s anybody’s diversion — generally hers.”

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