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Euro surges as removed Greek Prime Minister heads for Berlin – live

15.10 Mario Draghi has been asked if a ECB is “blackmailing” Athens; he’s not tender with a line of doubt

14.50 ECB arch Mario Draghi is chipping in to a Greek debate, after he came in for some extreme critique from Mr Tsipras final week.

Mr Draghi has shielded a ECB’s position on banning Greek holds as material and validated his position that Athens infer a joining to reforms.

14.50 ECB comparison ruling house member Benoit Coeure has been vocalization in Montenegro today, and has hinted as during creditors entrance to a “new arrangement” on Greece’s bail-out, that will simulate a domestic priorities of a anti-austerity government.

Mr Coeure in full:

“It is accepted that a programme will be nice to simulate a new priorities of a Greek supervision … to make certain than any change of a programme reaches an homogeneous outcome in terms of … mercantile sustainability,” he said.

“That’s what will be discussed in a subsequent days.”

14.35 First came a direct for German fight reparations, and now, Athens wants €100m from German counterclaim companies who, it is alleged, paid bribes to win counterclaim contracts in a country, news Ekathimerini.

The Greek paper says both German and Greek companies were concerned in a temptation of officials in lapse for securing contracts for a sustenance of helicopters and submarines.

A Greek counterclaim method source reliable to Reuters that Greece would find remuneration as partial of an review that includes other cases.

14.20 About 90 mins before a assembly is due to take place, and here’s a snap of PM Tsipras’ procession nearing in Berlin from a airfield this morning. Pic pleasantness of Joerg Carstensen/EPA

14.10 Things we don’t design to see in Berlin: a final name of Greek financial ministe on a wall of a selling mall (courtesy of Reuters)

14.05 Greek bank deposits have take a battering in new weeks. So far, a European Central Bank has shown no eagerness to palliate a fist on a lenders, lifting a puncture liquidity caps by really tiny increments any fortnight or so.

But, in some acquire news that should branch a upsurge for 24 hours during a really least, Wednesday is a bank holiday in Greece. Mar 25 outlines a anniversary of a Greek War of Independence, when a nation threw off a border of a Ottoman empire.

13.55 Germany’s anti-euro Alternative for Germany (AfD) celebration have put out a declaration of sorts today. The newly founded celebration wish Germany to stay in a euro, though would cite Greece to get a boot.

The FT’s Peter Spiegel’s got reason of a pivotal points of a AfD’s Grexit plans:

13.45 Some Greco-German bonhomie forward of today’s meeting. German unfamiliar apportion Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with his greek reflection in Germany yesterday, in what has been strictly described by Athens as a “constructive climate.”

13.30 Markets are in a red, though a singular banking is enjoying a bit of a swell opposite a dollar. That could be some-more to do with a Fed’s proclamation final week on a intensity Sep check on a initial post-crash seductiveness rate rise.

The singular banking is adult around 1pc today, that means we can now get $1.09 for a euro.

But as Kathleen Brooks during Forex.com notes, even an hostile finish to today’s assembly competence not see a euro collapse.

“The euro indeed rose during a final duration of Greek-induced sensitivity during a ubiquitous elections in January. Thus, we are heedful of looking for a euro to stutter this week, generally as a marketplace seems happy to take profit”, said Ms Brooks.


13.10 Shorter Greece…

13.00 Speaking to a Telegraph this weekend, Mario Monti – technocrat extraordinaire who discovered Italy from a tallness of a eurozone woes – pronounced he fought to keep a Troika (ECB, IMF, European Commission) out of a nation when Prime Minister.

The economist told Szu Ping Chan that a lenders “contributed to a damage” caused in Greece. His quotes in full:

“In a nutshell, Greece has to recognize that many causes of their predicament are not European though are Greek – namely mismanagement for decades,” said Mr Monti.

“Nevertheless, it is loyal that one aspect of a heal – a troika – did apportion to make serve damage. we fought for a troika to stay out of Italy given they are degrading for domestic open opinion”.

12.55 In unsatisfactory news for British journalists, Yanis Varoufakis has cancelled his entrance in London during a discussion tomorrow. That’s unexpected liberated adult my afternoon. Thanks Yanis.

12.50 The reparations claims has positively influenced plead in Germany itself.

This was a argumentative front-page of Spiegel repository over a weekend, display a stream Chancellor surrounded by Nazi commanders outward a Acropolis. The title reads: “How Europeans Look At Germans.”

12.40 Relations between Greece and Germany reached a underside dual weeks ago when PM Tsipras regenerated his call for Berlin to compensate behind Nazi fight reparations to his country.

The claims, that were a direct of Syriza’s pre-election bid, would see some-more than €160bn in chronological claims paid to a families of victims of a heartless drop caused by a Nazi function in 1941.

Interestingly, Ms Merkel’s youth bloc partner have recognized a effect of a demands.

But in serve agitator comments, members of a Greek council have touted seizing German resources in a country, including holiday homes and a Goethe Institute as compensation.

The doubt is expected to be lifted again between a dual premiers. Might make for some ungainly tiny talk.

12.30 European holds are down for a morning forward of today’s second assembly between Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras in usually 5 days.

The FTSE has depressed behind 0.36pc from Friday’s tighten while Germany’s DAX 30 index strew 0.96pc and a CAC 40 in Paris slid 0.67pc this morning.

12.10 Greek interference on implementing a most indispensable reforms has undone many of a associate member states.

Speaking to a FT today, Spain’s financial apportion was a latest to voice his confusion during a requests from Athens for bail-out income though any discernible moves to renovate their economy.

Luis de Guindos told a Pink ‘Un Greece was losing friends with a approach:

“We will see possibly a list of reforms is extensive adequate or not. [But] there will not be any value before there is a genuine exam that a reforms have been authorized and implemented. That is a approach.”

“We have been losing time, and a communications from a Greek side have not been brilliant. They have not done a lot of friends.There is no pointer of groups — not during all. And that is notwithstanding a fact that a Greeks have attempted to feat intensity divergences. But those divergences don’t exist.”

12.00 German publication Bild is imprinting a attainment of Mr Tsipras in Berlin currently by book this 50 Reason We Love Greece extravaganza.

It’s a conspicuous list and includes gems such as: “no 9: their surnames are so prolonged we cite to respond with a same name” and fair mentions for a German football manager that won Euro 2004 with Greece, and a likes of Hercules and Odysseus alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger

And in box we missed it, their front-page was also ornate in Greek currently and is being expelled in a one-off Greek special edition. Enought to comfortable a heart of any eurosceptic.


11.40 A calendar of a vast events entrance adult for Greece over a subsequent months

11.30 A German supervision orator reliable progressing currently that Ms Merkel had perceived a minute from Mr Tsipras warning of “impossible” final on his government.

The missive was also cc’ed to France and a ECB. The latter came in for some flattering tough critique (see post during 08.50)

11.20 Syriza’s choosing in Jan lifted a fears of many of a southern counterparts that anti-austerity parties could be on a rise.

But analysts during Berenberg consider a stream corner between Athens and a creditors has dampened a hazard of a likes of Podemos from holding reason in Spain.

Podemos, who were founded usually a year ago, won their initial any parliamentary seats during informal elections reason this weekend.

11.00 What’s a categorical adhering indicate expected to be in today’s talks?

Well, among a topics of review is expected to be Greece’s really delayed swell on implementing reforms they betrothed in lapse for a four-month bail-out extension.

Creditors are nonetheless to see most movement in a approach of work law reforms or moves towards privatising inhabitant resources in a bid to lift revenues.

So far, a Greek council has usually changed to determine legislation on a raft of anti-poverty spending programmes designed to assuage a “humanitarian crisis” in a country.

The strength on a skeleton competence have been tiny adult until now, though that competence all be changing in a few hours, contend German media:


10.38 Apropos of “middle-finger” gate


10.25 In a serve pointer of a income problems, Greece’s stream comment fell serve into necessity over a commencement of a year.

The country’s outmost change was €850m in a red in January, compared to €336m during a same indicate final year, and reverses a tiny surpluses it had purebred during a finish of 2014.

Perhaps some-more significantly, Greece’s primary bill over-abundance – a disproportion between what a supervision spends and gets behind in revenues – left during a commencement of a year too, and now stands during -€684m.

10.20 The European Central Bank competence not be personification round with Athens, though a executive bank has been forced to incrementally feed larger amounts of puncture liquidity to a country’s banks.

This is mostly given they have suffered from ever augmenting amounts of deposition flight, and ELA as it is known, is a usually consider that is gripping Greece in a euro right now.

The following from Deutsche Bank shows how most a appropriation has peaked in a final month. Should a bank reason a opinion and benefit a two-thirds infancy to stop ELA, Greece would effectively be kicked out of a euro.

10.00 Even before today’s assembly has begun, it represents something of a feat for a Leftist supervision who have pushed for bail-out negotiations to be carried out during a tip spin of European tact – that is, between Europe’s leaders rather than a technocrats.

And that usually competence be good news for everybody involved, as a final time a Greek was in Germany to speak about debt relief, it looked a bit like this…

09.55 Writing to Greek daily Ekathimerini forward of his revisit to Berlin today, PM Tsipras struck an confident tone, observant his plead with Ms Merkel “would not be pressurized by negotiations, and this is really poignant given we can both plead a critical issues that are burdening Europe as good as improving shared family between a dual countries.”

He continued their plead was a: “unique event to pursue changes that prior governments did not brave to attempt, possibly given they were committed to absolute interests or given they did not have renouned support.”

That anxiety to a prior New Democracy bloc supervision hints during Mr Tsipras hostility to reside by any of a promises done by his predecessors. He pronounced as most during a Europan Council assembly final week:

09.45 Given a income pressures faced by a banks, a European Central Bank has been in a banishment line of Athens’ madness in new days.

Mr Tsipras, in the aforementioned minute to his counterpart, requested a reinstatement of a waiver on Greek holds as material that was taken divided by a ECB in February.

Greece’s financial apportion on a other hand, has pronounced a ECB is “asphyxiating” a country in a refusal to lift a T-bill cap, and a season feeding of puncture assistance to a country.

Here’s backgrounder on how a ECB could finally lift a block on Greece.

09.35 Today’s assembly comes amid a quick deteriorating conditions among Greece’s banks. Capital has been issuing out of lenders ever given Syriza came into bureau in January, and a new relapse in trust between a dual sides, has given approach to a serve acceleration in a past few days.

09.25 Angela Merkel is low-balling her expectations for today’s talks:

“We will have time [on Monday], to speak during length with any other, and maybe also to argue.”

09.20 Today’s Bild front page is not to be missed. it’s all Greek to me

09.10 The ECB has suspicion about commanding an central anathema on augmenting a land of Greek emperor debt that can be reason by a country’s lenders.

Any pierce to tip a T-bill land would put a serve fist on banks that have been pang from accelerating deposition moody of scarcely €2bn a week.

And in a bizaare spin of events, a Greek daily is now reporitng a supervision has been acid for probable new sources of investors for a bonds…in Iran.

09.05 Here’s a repaymemt report that Athens is confronting pleasantness of Deutsche Bank.

So far, a nation has managed to roll-over brief tenure holds sappy for March, though Mr Tsipras has warned a supervision will run out of income by a finish of Apr though any recover of funds.

The amends strech another break indicate in July, by that indicate a concluded bail-out prolongation will have expired.

09.00 For all a income upsurge issues, Greece has managed to make a obligations so distant this month, including those to a EFSF, a eurozone’s rescue fund.

08.50 In expectation of today’s assembly with Ms Merkel, Greece’s Alexis Tsipras wrote to a Chancellor progressing this month, warning his supervision faced “a tiny income upsurge problem”, that would make it unfit for them to continue a functions of supervision while repaying behind some-more than €1.5m in loans to a IMF in March.

The FT have got reason of a letter; some excerpts:

“Given that Greece has no entrance to income markets, and also in perspective of a ‘spikes’ in a debt amends obligations during a open and summer . .  . it ought to be transparent that a ECB’s special restrictions when total with value delays would make it unfit for any supervision to use a debt.”

“With this letter, we am propelling we not to concede a tiny income upsurge issue, and a certain ‘institutional inertia’, to not spin into a vast problem for Greece and for Europe,” wrote Mr Tsipras.

Greece has been pleading for use for a stricken banks from a European Central Bank. So far, Mr Draghi and co. have not been forthcoming.

08.45 Accidental or not, here’s what a Grexit would demeanour like (probably – pleasantness of Oxford Economics)

08.35 A fast decrease in trust between Greece and a creditors has lifted a awaiting of an “accidental” Greek exit from a euro apropos a possibility. It would be an collision as a nation could good run of out income to make a loan obligations before a recover of supports is concluded by a provisional date of April.

Now distinguished voices from opposite a Atlantic have assimilated in with a “Grexident” fears, with James Bullard – boss of a St Louis Federal Reserve – revelation CNBC that there stays a “possibility” Athens could be a initial member to leave a euro.

A sign that a infancy of Greeks still wish to stay in a eurozone, and a stream supervision campaigned for continued membership of a singular banking area.

Citizens in a largest debtor state are not so assured however. A check from YouGov final week found a majority of German’s now foster Grexit during 59pc.

08.30 Hello and acquire to today’s live coverage of Alexis Tsipras’ assembly with Angela Merkel in Berlin today.

The dual premiers are due to accommodate after this afternoon as family between a anti-austerity supervision and a largest creditor have reached a underside over a final few week.

Mr Tsipras is reported to have created to Ms Merkel before today’s meeting, warning it would be unfit for Greece to make a debt repayments to creditors this week while stability to compensate out a salary and pensions in a country, the FT reports.


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