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Elon Musk: Tesla Model S halts ‘range anxiety’ with intelligent navigation, outing planner …

Earlier this week,  Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased us Model S owners with a twitter earnest to “end operation anxiety.”

In a press discussion this morning, Musk suggested a goods: an over-the-air firmware refurbish that, while not augmenting a operation of the car, will during slightest set a driver’s mind during palliate about how distant he can unequivocally go before a extract runs out.

Firmware chronicle 6.2 is now in Beta contrast and, according to Musk,  will be sent out to a Model S swift during vast in about 10 days.

Range Assurance

The centerpiece of a ascent is a Range Assurance app that will constantly consider either a Model S has adequate extract to strech a destination.

The app constantly monitors outward temperature, betterment changes, wind, pushing speed, and heat/AC use. If a app determines that operation is deficient to strech a destination, it will advise a motorist good in advance.

The app will make it “effectively unfit to run out of operation unintentionally,” according to Musk.

He described a app as “incredibly good,” and pronounced that early contrast has shown it to be accurate within reduction than one percent.

Less than one percent? Wow.

Frankly, I’ll trust that when we see it. (Guess I’ll see in about 10 days.)

Trip Planner

A second app in 6.2 is a Trip Planner that selects a optimal track to a end formed on charger locations. The automobile will promulgate with several Supercharger stations to establish that are operational and available, and name a track accordingly.

The app will also take into comment a much-slower Tesla end chargers now proliferating during hotels and restaurants around a country. It will give priority to a Superchargers, Musk said.

The Trip Planner will also forewarn drivers when their cars are charged amply to strech a subsequent Supercharger.

He described a outing formulation app as “intelligent cars and intelligent charging stations communicating with any other in a large network.”

In addition, a new firmware will ascent a sound complement and urge radio reception. A “valet mode” will extent power, speed, and shade displays.

Finally, 6.2 will urge a “feel of a accelerator and brakes.” Musk did not elaborate on precisely what this meant.

For  sensor-equipped Model S’s built given final October, chronicle 6.2 will also embody some of a betrothed autopilot features, such as auto-emergency braking and blind-spot warning.

Oh, one some-more thing:  if we have a P85D, your tip speed is now 155 mph. Enjoy.

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More Coming

As is his wont, Musk also teased firmware chronicle 7.0 for sensor-equipped cars, due out in about 3 months. It will embody some-more of a long-promised auto-pilot functions, essentially an auto-steering mode for highway driving. According to Musk, a auto-steering has already been successfully tested on a San Francisco-to-Seattle run but a motorist ever touching a wheel.

7.0 will also embody a “Summon” mode, in that a automobile will expostulate itself to or from a given location—garage to front step, for example.  This underline can usually be enabled on private property.

 Put to a Test

For me personally, a timing of refurbish 6.2 and a Range Assurance app couldn’t be better.  In 12 days, I’m scheduled to skip on a 2700-mile cross-country expostulate from my winter shelter in Carpinteria, CA behind home to Mountainville, NY.

Will a Range Assurance app unequivocally be accurate to within one or dual miles out of 265?

If so, it will be a outrageous step brazen for Model S drivers on prolonged trips. Range stress will indeed be a thing of a past.

Stay tuned.


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