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Elon Musk Talks 3 Future Tesla Motors, Inc. Products

Electric-car builder Tesla Motors(NASDAQ:TSLA) second-quarter financial results were underwhelming, if not disappointing. As a association doubles down on a longer-term expansion ambitions while concurrently descending brief on a near-term goals, both Tesla’s difference and a actions are promulgation investors a churned message. Despite Tesla’s recent execution challenges, a second-quarter gain call was certain to move some some-more wild, future-focused talk.

Here’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to contend in a company’s new gain discussion call about some of a company’s destiny product plans. Take them with a pellet of salt.


Elon Musk phenomenon Model 3. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Autonomous Tesla vehicles

In Tesla’s new update to a Master Plan, a association suggested that it’s operative on eventually rising a ride-hailing use done adult of entirely unconstrained vehicles. Owners will be means to muster their vehicles into a swift when they are not regulating them and acquire additional cash, a devise said. Knowledge of Tesla’s skeleton for an unconstrained ride-hailing swift pushed analysts during Tesla’s second-quarter formula to scrutinise about how quick a association anticipates achieving full autonomy.

Musk’s answer?

“[F]ull liberty is going to come a ruin a lot faster than anyone thinks it will,” he said. “And we consider what we’ve got underneath growth is going to blow people’s minds. It blows my mind, so.”

Next-gen appetite storage

Currently, Tesla offers a Powerwall and Powerpack appetite storage products for residential and blurb customers. With a association creation a initial incursion into appetite storage in May 2015, a new Tesla shred is still in a early stages. Currently, appetite storage expected represents reduction than 2% of Tesla’s income — and a association is still production-constrained as it is operative on streamlining appetite storage manufacturing.

But Tesla’s appetite storage shred is about to see a outrageous boost, according to Musk. A “next era of still storage,” that he believes will trump all competition, will shortly be unveiled. “[I]t’s a going to be conduct and shoulders above any association that — it’s improved than anything I’ve listened anyone even announce that they will do in a future, and we will do it in a present.”

Model Y

Demand for Tesla’s Model 3, or a company’s lowest-cost automobile yet, repelled everyone. The association garnered 373,000 deposit-backed reservations for a automobile in only over dual weeks after it was initial unveiled. With Tesla formulation to start a new vehicle’s deliveries in late 2017, Tesla expects Model 3 will assistance it ramp deliveries from around 80,000 units during this year to about 500,000 units during 2018.

Tesla Model

Model 3 antecedent outward of Tesla’s Gigafactroy. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Despite what a poignant — and equivocal unimaginable — burst in prolongation and direct this implies, Tesla believes it can transcribe this blockbuster turn of direct with a subsequent automobile launch: Model Y.

[T]he priority automobile growth after a Model 3 would be a Model Y, we guess, a compress SUV since that’s also a automobile that where we pattern to see direct in a 500,000 to 1 million units per year level. So it’s a apparent priority after Model 3. 

Tesla has pronounced Model Y will be a company’s subsequent lower-cost vehicle. It will expected be labelled somewhat aloft than a Model 3, that has a starting cost of $35,000.

No matter how engaging these quotes might seem, Tesla investors should still record them as speculative. Given how distant into a destiny some of these product skeleton are, it’s critical to perspective them in a light of a apparent risks compared with destiny plans. Tesla could face production, capital, and even pattern hurdles as it works on bringing next-generation unconstrained vehicles, appetite storage, and a Model Y to market.


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