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Drake ‘Works’ It With Rihanna At Miami ‘Anti’ Tour Stop

It had been rumored and conjectured….and in a end, yes, Drake done an entrance during Rihanna’s “Anti” debate stop in Miami Tuesday night (March 15), appearing out of nowhere to a noisy bark from a soldout throng during a AmericanAirines Arena for a erotic delivery of “Work,” with Rihanna, clad in a sparkly gossamer contraption, twerking away.

#WORK, Rihanna’s No. 1 strain in a U.S. for 4 weeks, is accessible now. — Get it and present your friends. — Video: Rihanna and Drake on theatre in Miami tonight. #ANTIWorldTour

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“It’s full of surprises, a ‘Anti,’ tour,” she pronounced coyly, after Drake had left a theatre following a opening of “Jumpman.”

And while that competence have been a camera-ready impulse of a evening, a whole uncover was a large visual, commencement with Rihanna’s truly startling opening into a locus atop a height set in a behind of a locus building above a crowd.

Clad in a hooded smock that non-stop in a behind to exhibit thigh-high garter boots and copiousness of booty, Rihanna kicked things off in a minimalistic fashion, singing “Stay” and “Love a Way You Lie” to simple, keyboard accompaniment entrance from a categorical stage.

Then she solemnly done her proceed there, walking on an towering cosmetic catwalk that deposited her on a theatre abandoned of any props or emblem save for light effects and a constantly changing backdrop that went from unusual to art installation.

Armed with a corps of dancers and a jamming eight-piece band, Rihanna went by mixed outfit changes to broach a uncover that was visually riveting and, during times, musically compelling. Performing both aged hits and new material, and mostly holding genuine risks (including a delayed opening as good as a delayed closer, “Kiss It Better”), Rihanna seemed vigilant on display that yes, she could twerk, she could dance, though she could also belt it out.

“Miami, what a f–k is up?” she asked. “It’s been a long-assed time. Brand new tour, code new era, code new album.”

And code new approach.

The “Anti” debate is abandoned of a egotistic entertainment of other tours, though with a well-defined sections and moods, it keeps we looking and on your feet; a backdrop that strew what seemed to be soap suds, for example, delivered wow effect. And with dancers who seemed to be true out of Cirque du Soleil, it was neat and elegant, some-more erotic and voluptuous than raunchy. 

In a end, after gradually shedding off garments for scarcely dual hours, Rihanna lonesome all behind again. For a final set, she came out wearing lax brownish-red pants and oversized brownish-red coupler over a hardly manifest bustier to sing in some-more acoustic fashion, finishing things off with a aforementioned “Kiss it Better” and afterwards withdrawal a theatre as credits rolled.

There was no spirit or expectancy of an encore as fans took this as their evidence to leave for a night. It was maybe too pat an finale for a finely choreographed evening, though no matter. The outfits alone and that catwalk were good value it. 


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