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DOTD: Casey Bailey’s Dad Travels From Uganda To See Him Play In The NHL

Casey Bailey’s father is a dedicated hockey father — some-more so than many hockey dads, in fact.

Glen Bailey made the tour to Columbus, Ohio to watch his son Casey and a Toronto Maple Leafs take on a Columbus Blue Jackets final night. However, Glen, who performs companion work in remote African villages, had to take a 16-hour moody from Uganda to locate a game. It’s a touching story, as Glen was still in Africa when Casey signed with Toronto, definition this will be a initial time he’ll get to see his son in action.

“He was unhappy he had to skip my initial game, though he’s doing something good and for a improved cause,” Casey pronounced in an talk with The Toronto Star. “He isn’t unhappy in himself for being where he was.”

The timing is impeccable, saying as Glen would have usually one some-more event to see his son play during a unchanging deteriorate after final night’s game. It’s a special story for a really singular hockey family. Most dads would do anything to see their sons play in a NHL, though Glen trafficked median opposite a universe to do so. That’s dedication in a truest form.

Bailey rewarded his father for that dedication, saving his best NHL opening to date for Wednesday night’s game. He logged a season-high 11:13 of ice time with 4 shots and an even plus/minus rating, by distant a biggest impact he’s had thus far in a Leafs uniform.

While final night’s diversion was a special miracle for a father, a diversion also served as a assemblage of dual excellent Alaskan hockey talents on a same ice — a rather singular occurrence. Bailey, along with Blue Jackets core Brandon Dubinsky, are dual of usually 14 players in a story of a NHL to accost from Alaska. In fact, Bailey and Dubinsky are dual of usually 5 active players from Anchorage, making final night’s matchup even some-more noted — notwithstanding a beatdown Columbus handed to a sad Maple Leafs.

It was a special night of hockey for a pride of Penn State hockey, and a touching story of a father’s loyalty to his son.


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