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Donald Trump claims troops jets need deliver parts

“Trump Force One,” as Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 has been nicknamed, has drawn courtesy for years. A 2011 debate of a renovated jet, posted on Trump’s YouTube channel, has been noticed some-more than 8 million times. Its 24-karat gold-plated chair belts have been catalogued by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

But does Trump know his things when it comes to a state of U.S. troops aviation?

At a Jun 16, 2016 stop in Dallas during a Trump fundraising pitch by Texas, he ripped into U.S. faith on old-fashioned aircraft while offering newer record to allies, revelation a crowd:

“Remember, we’re a ones with a jet fighters that are 20 years aged that we have to go to graveyards, craft graveyards, to get tools to use on a jet fighters, to have a good immature people to fly in planes where  they go into junk yards and museums to get tools for stream fighters, while a opponents and a supposed allies are shopping a planes, and they’ve got a new pleasing versions of them, and we’ve got aged planes, we meant literally archaic planes. It’s not going to occur anymore, folks, ok?”

The comments finished us consternation — is a U.S. troops unequivocally scrounging for tools in junkyards and museums? Are a jets unequivocally decades old? And do we sell newer and improved planes to a allies while gripping older, defective versions for ourselves?

The Trump debate did not lapse a ask for backup for Trump’s claim, and a Air Force did not respond to steady requests for comment, so we did some acid and asked a few third-party experts for information on Trump’s points.

As it turns out, it’s loyal that some of U.S. troops planes are 20 years aged — and some are most older.

Contacted by email, Carl Rhodes, executive of Force Modernization and Employment Program during RAND Project AIR FORCE, a federally saved investigate and growth core that provides methodical support to a Air Force, told us “some are over 60 years aged like a B-52” while “others are code new, like a F-22 and F-35.”

At a Feb. 9, 2016, news conference, Major General James F. Martin Jr., a Air Force emissary partner secretary for budget, pronounced a normal age of a aircraft is over 27.

The Air Force Posture Statement for mercantile year 2017, expelled on Feb 10, 2016, states that creates a stream swift a oldest ever: “While a Airmen sojourn heavily intent around a world, a normal age of a aircraft is during an all-time high, and a distance of a force and state of a full-spectrum willingness are during or nearby all-time lows.”

So, Trump has a indicate about a U.S. Air Force relying on comparison planes.

To a inquiry, Rhodes also reliable that Air Force upkeep workers lift tools from warehoused planes, directing us to a Jan. 30, 2013 news underline story in AIRMAN, published by a Air Force Office of Public Affairs. According to a story, reclamation teams with a Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group save time and income by pulling tools that are still organic from suspended  planes, provident a Air Force from watchful longer for new tools to be made.

According to a fact sheet we spotted on a Air Force’s website, given 1964, U.S. troops aircraft have been stored and likely of by Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. Davis-Monthan was initial dynamic as an aircraft storage trickery following World War II. According to a Feb 4, 2003 PBS story, a use of stealing tools from a junked planes dates to a 1950s.

So, contingency a supervision go to “graveyards” to get parts?

“Probably not,” Rhodes told us, “but it can save utterly a bit of income contra shopping all new tools and gripping a sufficient stockpile.”

How most money, exactly? Col. Robert Lepper, Commander of a 309th AMARG, told an Arizona news service in 2014 that a organisation earnings about a half billion dollars value of tools into use any year.

Rhodes also offering an instance that supports Trump’s explain that in some cases, a U.S. sells planes some-more modernized than a ones they themselves are using. “We are offering F-16s to a UAE that are some-more modernized than a USAF F-16s,” he said.

Rhodes forked us to a Jan 2014 news post on Defense Industry Daily, a trade announcement focused on invulnerability acquisition, saying a United Arab Emirates invested $3 billion in investigate to rise a planes, that are finished by Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Martin, a series one US supervision executive altogether and within a Air Force sub-sector in mercantile year 2015, reported about 20% of their annual sales income came from sales to unfamiliar entities, according to their SEC filings from 2010. Their filings news aircraft sales to countries including Israel, Kuwait, South Korea, and Tunisia. Over 25 countries purchased Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Fighting Falcon, and 15 have purchased a C-130J Super Hercules.

Boeing is a series dual Air Space contractor. Some 62% of Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security Revenue comes from a U.S. Department of Defense, according to a company’s 2015 annual report. International business comment for “roughly one-third of income and 40 percent of stream backlog” for a company. International sales comment for a most smaller apportionment of a sales of a series 3 company, Northrop Grumman, according to their annual news — 14 percent of a $23.5 billion total.

The U.S. government’s possess Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s web site acknowledges an uptick in unfamiliar demand, observant in a 2014 publication, “While a United States and European Union are slicing their invulnerability expenditures, several countries — quite in East Asia, South Asia, a Middle East, and South America — are augmenting expenditures. Hence, U.S. Contractors are increasingly seeking to sell products and services to these markets.”

But experts we spoke to pronounced that offering planes to other nations isn’t applicable to a state of a possess troops aviation.

Todd Harrison, executive of Defense Budget Analysis during a Center for Strategic and International Studies, commented by email: “The fact that U.S. companies are offering planes to other countries is not relevant. Those same companies are also offering planes to a U.S. troops right now, and in many cases a U.S. is removing significantly improved aircraft than a allies and partners. And what would a choice be — retard U.S. companies from offering aircraft to others?  Then a allies and partners would be reduction able and even some-more contingent on us for security, putting an even larger aria on a forces.”

Obaid Younossi, executive of apparatus supervision during RAND Project AIR FORCE, concluded by email that unfamiliar troops sales are a and for a U.S.

“We still make and keep a best of best for us: F-22, F-35, KC-46, F/A-18E/F, E-2D, and P-8. There are positively versions of F-35 and F-18E/F we sell to a allies, though a immeasurable infancy of what is entrance out of prolongation is for a Services,” Younossi wrote.FMS [Foreign Military Sales] is good not usually for vital reasons though also for mercantile reasons.  It keeps costs down for us, keeps a industrial bottom in business, and helps compensate for growth of record (i.e. F-16 Block 60 and Kuwaiti investments),” Younossi said.

“Do we need to worry about modernization?,” Younossi wrote, adding: “Yes though not for reasons cited.  Some of a aged work horses can still do a pursuit though we need new ones to opposite destiny threats.”

In Oct 2015, a Pentagon awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman Corp. to build a initial new bombers given a Cold War, that are to be deployed in a 2020s.

Since Trump positive his assembly “it’s not going to occur anymore, folks,” it’s value observant that updating a military’s aging swift isn’t a kind of pursuit that can be finished overnight — nor is it entirely within a hands of a executive branch, as appropriation levels, dynamic by Congress, have contributed to willingness problems. according to Air Force officials like Chief of Staff Mark Welsh and Secretary Deborah Lee James..

Our ruling

While in Texas, Trump pronounced a U.S. has to go to “plane graveyards” and museums to get tools for a 20-year-old jet fighters while it sells new jets to other countries.

The supervision indeed salvages tools for troops planes remaining in movement and a U.S. also sells aircraft to militaries abroad. But construction is needed. The described tools salvaging, that can save time and money, doesn’t seem to be misled and a U.S. also buys new planes for a forces.

We rate this explain Mostly True.

MOSTLY TRUE – The matter is accurate though needs construction or additional information.

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