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Dodgers send Clayton Kershaw to 60-day DL, afterwards remove to Rockies, 12-2

The predestine of a Dodgers revolution might rest on a calluses on Rich Hill’s center finger. As time ticks divided on Clayton Kershaw and as a front bureau scrambles for solutions, a health of Hill has spin imperative. 

On Wednesday afternoon, hours before a 12-2 detriment to a Colorado Rockies, Hill dismissed 52 pitches inside a Coors Field bullpen. He strong on fastballs and curveballs, a pitches that force his finger to scratch a join of a baseball, contrast a scald that has sidelined him given Jul 17. Hill reported no neglected symptoms, clearing a proceed for him to make his Dodgers entrance as early as Saturday. 

“No issues whatsoever,” Hill said. “That was unequivocally encouraging.” 

The Dodgers acquire good news. A few hours after Hill tested his finger, Colorado obliterated a mark starter. The Rockies swatted 4 homers and hung 9 runs on rookie Brock Stewart. Colorado has scored 19 runs in dual games here, a discouraging figure even in a skinny atmosphere of Coors Field. 

Before a game, a Dodgers finished a procedural scheme that suggested a augmenting luck that Kershaw will not representation again this season. The group shifted him to a 60-day infirm list during a flurry on register moves. Kershaw is not authorised to representation until Aug. 27. 

That date has small definition for Kershaw’s recovery. The classification does not design him to be prepared by then. He has not pitched in a diversion given Jun 26 and he has not picked adult a ball given experiencing a reversal after a unnatural diversion on Jul 16. Kershaw no longer feels pain in his back, yet still needs to denote softened strength and stabilization in a area, Roberts said. 

Given a length of his layoff, Kershaw would substantially need mixed outings to build adult his representation count to a vital joining standard. Roberts declined to contend when Kershaw would need to resume his throwing module in sequence to lapse this season. 

“We haven’t talked about that,” Roberts said. “It substantially creates clarity to do that. But we’re holding a proceed of, he’s going to get behind as shortly as he can. And when he can collect adult a baseball, during that indicate in time, we’ll see where we’re at, if it’s even feasible.”

With Kershaw, zero has changed. And as a days pass, that’s a problem.

The Dodgers promoted Stewart for Wednesday to yield an additional day of rest for Kenta Maeda. Stewart began this deteriorate in Class-A Rancho Cucamonga, and raced by a teenager leagues. He done a mark start for a Dodgers on Jun 29 in Milwaukee.

A.J. Ellis complicated a fasten of that tour on Tuesday. In one inning, a Brewers flicked a few hits, punished Stewart with a home run and strung together a five-run rally. In a other four, Stewart sat down his opponents. “It was not as large a onslaught as we would think,” Ellis said. 

From his vantage indicate behind a image on Wednesday, Ellis witnessed a reprise. After a span of singles in a initial inning, Stewart pumped a 95-mph fastball during a waist of All-Star third baseman Nolan Arenado. A three-run blast ensued. Two batters later, initial baseman Mark Reynolds dejected a prosaic slider for a two-run shot. 

“That was a genuine bad pitch,” Stewart said. “They went out of a park, so there could have been improved pitches, for sure.” 

Stewart recovered and carried a Dodgers into a fifth inning. Then he combusted, surrendering a two-run homer to second baseman D.J. LeMahieu and a solo shot to outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Stewart yielded dual some-more singles before Roberts took forgiveness on him. 

“In this ballpark, if you’re not throwing peculiarity strikes, you’re going to compensate for it,” Roberts said. 

Stewart will lapse to a minors on Thursday. For stability, a Dodgers will spin to Hill and Brett Anderson, yet conjunction pitcher can be deliberate a citadel of reliability. Anderson was scheduled to make one some-more reconstruction start as he recovers from a behind medicine he underwent in March.

That sets a theatre for Hill this weekend. Hill can't explain himself able of replacing Kershaw. But he did post a 2.25 earned-run normal in 14 starts with Oakland this season. His scald derailed him final month. He has undergone laser therapy, twice a day, for dual weeks, as he tries to build a callus on a finger. 

The scald shaped in a steam of Houston on Jul 7. Hill skipped a start to let it heal. Five pitches into his tour dual weeks ago, a skin reopened after 5 pitches. 

Another exam will come soon. The Dodgers are depending on him. 

“I’m only prepared to get back,” Hill said. “And get going.” 


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