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Doc Rivers dismisses Griffin rumors: ‘We’re not trade Blake’

10:15 PM ET

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. — Los Angeles Clippers boss and manager Doc Rivers discharged trade rumors involving star Blake Griffin.

“I’ve told we we’re not trade Blake, though we theory everybody else wants to keep doing that. So we’ll let them do that,” Rivers pronounced Tuesday before practice. “It is what it is. Nothing we can do about it, honestly. It frustrates we when we know nothing’s going on, though what can we do?”

Rivers would not endorse possibly a Clippers have perceived calls from other teams meddlesome in Griffin, who has spent his whole career with Los Angeles after being drafted No. 1 altogether in 2009.

“That’s zero of [the media’s] business. It unequivocally isn’t,” Rivers said. “I hatred to contend it. It’s zero of [the fans’ business either]. Having pronounced that, we consider we accept phone calls on any singular player, honestly. But it does perplex me when we hear all a conjecture and all that stuff. It’s totally untrue.”

“I only wish to contend that we have had a lot of time to reflect, and that we am unequivocally truly, truly contemptible for what happened,” Griffin said. “It was a conditions between dual friends that kind of got out of hand, and we exercised bad judgment.

“I have oral to Matias about it. we have oral to my teammates about it … coaches. The final people to apologize to are a fans and to uncover them how contemptible we am for this situation. It is something that we feel awful about. It is something that we have not had to understanding with ever before in life, and it has been tough. Now that a NBA has finished their due industry … and a Clippers, and we have my punishment, we am looking brazen to only relocating on and relocating past this and removing behind on a justice with my teammates.”

Griffin pronounced he has perceived zero though certain support from within a organization.

“All of my teammates and everybody that we have talked to in a classification have been so certain and so useful for me,” he said. “Talking to any one, and apologizing to them, a thesis has been that everybody creates mistakes. We have all finished things we regret. Everybody has only said, ‘Get behind healthy and come behind and join us.’ That is my goal, to get behind healthy and come join us and keep doing a things that we was doing before.”

Even Testi seems prepared to put a occurrence behind them, according to Griffin.

“I have talked to Matias tons of times given a incident,” Griffin said. “He indeed pronounced it best: ‘Stuff happens.’ We are like brothers, and we only have to pierce on.”

This is not a initial time Griffin has been scrutinized for a open altercation. He was privileged of charges stemming from an Oct. 19, 2014, occurrence in that he allegedly slapped a clubgoer in Las Vegas over an unwelcome use of a camera.

Griffin pronounced Tuesday, however, that he does not consider he has an annoy issue.

“I have never unequivocally struggled with that kind of problem,” he said. “Those incidents were totally separate, and, no, we don’t trust we need [anger management].”

Griffin was approaching to be out 4 to 6 weeks following a medicine to correct a turn detonate to a fourth metacarpal of his right hand, and that initial calendar stays in place.


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