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Dez Bryant, Josh Norman get into scuffle after Cowboys’ victory

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Dallas Cowboys far-reaching receiver Dez Bryant and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman had to be distant by teammates after removing into a scuffle on a margin after a Cowboys’ 31-26 win Thursday.

Speaking with reporters after a game, conjunction actor corroborated down.

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  • Bryant held 3 of his 5 passes while being shielded by Norman and was means to get a final giggle interjection to a Cowboys’ victory, though he non-stop his postgame news discussion with this: “First off, Washington needs to get their income behind from Josh Norman.”

    Their overacting go behind to final Thanksgiving, when Norman was with a Carolina Panthers. Bryant was singular to dual catches for 26 yards in a Cowboys’ 33-14 loss, and after a diversion Norman pronounced a Cowboys should “get Dez’s $70 million back,” referencing a five-year, $70 million understanding Bryant sealed in a summer of 2015.

    Norman sealed a five-year, $75 million understanding with a Redskins this past summer.

    “I didn’t make it personal,” Bryant said. “He finished it personal. we was only going to come out and do my job, and that’s accurately what we did. He wanted to bump. we let him bump. He got me bumping a small bit, and he finished me conflict him even more. You know, we overtly feel like a male is intensely soft. we consider he’s only a garland of talk. If he was out and about, we wouldn’t brave on my life let him pronounce to me like that. Those difference would never came out his mouth. Promise. Promise it wouldn’t. But on another, we got after that ass. Hell of a win. You know, it feels good.”

    Bryant did not plead what led to a postgame dustup. Television replays seemed to uncover Norman holding a pitch and throwing a towel during Bryant. Speaking with reporters afterward, Norman pronounced he was going to shake Dallas QB Dak Prescott‘s palm and apologize to Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick for something that happened in a game, though Bryant intervened.

    “And afterwards this male is bumping into me — ‘What’s up?'” Norman said, referring to Bryant. “Where I’m from, we unpack a clip. So flattering many whatever we wish to do, I’m not a male that sees a plea in my face who backs down. That’s not me. That’s not what you’re gonna get. So I’m contemptible If we annoyed anybody. Actually, I’m not sorry, since I’m gonna be me. That’s who we am. I’m going to be assertive to a end. I’m loading a shave all a approach out to a finish of a game. Don’t step in front of someone when a game’s over like that. They’re not even looking for we or carrying a review with you.”

    On a field, Norman followed Bryant everywhere though into a slot, going with a devise Washington adopted late in a Cowboys’ Week 2 win during FedEx Field. Bryant finished that diversion with 7 catches for 102 yards though did not have a accepting contra Norman. On Thursday, Bryant had 5 catches for 72 yards.

    “It’s like I’m trash, and he kick me all day. we only don’t get it,” Norman said. “Like we said, if that boosts his ego or feeds his fuel or whatever he’s got in his head, so be it. But we’ve played a diversion 3 times already, and my numbers pronounce for themselves. He can go cry, holler, hoot, whatever he wants to do. At a finish of a day, like we said, 0 touchdowns.

    “But tip your hats off to them. The Dallas Cowboys won that game. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about individuals. We try to compete, and we contest to a end, and if we don’t like it that’s what we get. Yeah, we lost, though we’ll be back, and we’ll be hungrier subsequent time.”

    The Bryant-Norman matchup became a many earthy in a fourth quarter, after Bryant finished a 13-yard locate to a Washington 6 that set adult Prescott’s touchdown run. Norman grabbed Bryant’s leg, preventing him from removing adult after a play, ensuing in a brief scuffle between both teams.

    “He only be talking, man,” Bryant said. “Like, it’s stupid. It’s unequivocally stupid, and he’s only not about that life. He’s not. He’s not about that life. Not during all. It got to a indicate where we competence only leave him alone. But after this week we got to put a film out how we finished him, and afterwards after that I’ll leave him alone. we don’t caring about him.”

    Unless these teams accommodate in a playoffs, a subsequent turn of Bryant vs. Norman will come in a 2017 unchanging season.

    “I played him 3 or 4 times, and in those times we don’t consider he pennyless 30 yards or had any stress of any kind of game,” Norman said. “So of those 3 games, a male of that bulk with that kind of large standards would do some-more than that, we know? But during a finish of a day, a numbers pronounce for themselves. If we feel we wish to have that, afterwards go play with a kids during a playground.”

    Redskins manager Jay Gruden pronounced he didn’t see a scuffle between Norman and Bryant.

    “And we don’t care,” Gruden said. “Those dual guys are good competitors. Both of them are good players, and I’m certain I’ll review about it on Twitter.”

    Gruden incited out to be right in a box of Bryant, who after took his argument with Norman to amicable media, posting a array of tweets about their conflict Thursday.

    Later Thursday, Bryant struck a many some-more accommodating tone.

    ESPN’s John Keim contributed to this report.


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