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Despite Beckham’s complaints, Eli says Odell brought it on himself

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 3: Sam Bradford #8 of a Minnesota Vikings and Eli Manning #10 of a New York Giants pronounce after a diversion on Oct 3, 2016 during US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings degraded a Giants 24-10. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)Getty Images

Giants receiver Odell Beckham complained after removing a derisive chastisement in Monday night’s detriment to a Vikings that no matter what he does, a officials will dwindle him. But Eli Manning doesn’t see it that way.

Manning pronounced after a diversion that if Beckham is a aim of a officials, that’s since Beckham’s possess antics have done him a target. Now it’s obligatory on Beckham to change his ways so that he doesn’t do anything that can pull a madness of a officials.

“He’s got to play smart,” Manning said. “He can’t means to do anything they’ll call. He’s kind of brought that on himself, so he’s got to comprehend that . . . No doubt. Can’t means a penalties.”

Beckham is one of a NFL’s best immature players, though recently he’s been removing some-more courtesy for screwing adult than for personification well. On Monday night Beckham held usually 3 of a 9 passes Manning threw to him, gaining a career-low 23 yards. A actor who costs his group 15-yard penalties while giving his group 23 yards isn’t a actor who’s going to get most support from his teammates. It sounds like Beckham’s act is wearing skinny with Manning.


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