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‘Deadliest Catch’: Update on Sig Hansen’s Health

On tonight’s part of Deadliest Catch, Captain Sig Hansen suffers a heart conflict aboard a Northwestern. Fans of a uncover have been following Hansen’s health closely, and tonight, we’ll see how it all unfolds when our favorite captain begins to feel chest heedfulness in a final hours of a stressful fishing trip.

Hansen suffered a heart conflict in early Mar of this year, while cameras will still rolling. Sig told Yahoo, “It was a bizarre heart attack. It wasn’t like we see in a movies. we had this unequivocally sharp, pointy pain, like a knife, right behind my chest plate. It only kept pushing, and it was creation me some-more angry.”

Sig fell unconscious, and when he woke, he attempted to remonstrate his organisation that he was ok to continue. Fortunately, a show’s producers and a rest of a Northwestern urged him to conduct to Dutch Harbor. Once on land, Sig schooled that he had, in fact, suffered a full blown heart attack, and he was airlifted to a medical trickery in Anchorage.

Hansen after told People, “It was indeed scarier when we got home and afterwards we realize, ‘Did that unequivocally happen? In a impulse it wasn’t so bad, only done me angry.’” Over a past few months, Sig has done a series of lifestyle changes. He’s perplexing to eat some-more healthy, and he’s also attempted to give adult cigarettes.

On Apr 30, roughly dual months after a attack, Sig posted a Tweet with his family celebrating his birthday during Disney. A source told HollywoodLife, “Sig is doing most improved after he was cared for during Providence Medical Center Alaska in Anchorage. He was discharged, Mar 2, after receiving diagnosis for a heart attack. He is with family, doing improved and resting.”

When he sat down with People again, Hansen reiterated how his he owes his presence to his fishing vessel organisation and a show’s producer, all of whom urged him to go to a sanatorium as shortly as he showed symptoms of a heart attack. Hansen said, “The alloy pronounced I’d had a 50-50 possibility of surviving. It done me comprehend that I’ve always put my pursuit first. Now it’s time to be here for my family. I’m changing my life so we can be here for them.”

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