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Dana White: Injured Conor McGregor ‘unlikely’ for UFC 205

10:31 PM ET

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is “unlikely” to contest during UFC 205 on Nov. 12 in New York, according to a news from “UFC Tonight.”

Wednesday’s news settled McGregor is “rehabbing a leg injury.”

With this announcement, a UFC 205 pay-per-view stays though an central categorical event.

Even so, a UFC has announced a press discussion on Sept. 27 during Madison Square Garden. The eventuality is ancestral for a graduation in that it will be a initial hold in New York given a 1997 anathema on veteran churned martial humanities was carried progressing this year.

McGregor was visibly limping following his preference win opposite Nate Diaz during UFC 202 in August, though sources tighten to a Dublin warrior told ESPN.com he is “fine” and physically prepared to contest within a time support heading adult to UFC 205.

Current UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez (28-4) has been campaigning for a pretension quarrel opposite McGregor (20-3) during UFC 205. McGregor posted a mysterious twitter early Wednesday morning with a words, “Beg me.”

Earlier this week, however, UFC boss Dana White suggested around amicable media that a UFC was looking to book Alvarez to a pretension quarrel opposite Khabib Nurmagomedov (23-0).

According to a “UFC Tonight” report, that attributed a information to White, Alvarez was sent a hitch agreement for a due Nurmagomedov quarrel during UFC 205, though Alvarez did not pointer by a supposing deadline.

The UFC is now looking to book that 155-pound pretension quarrel during UFC 206 on Dec. 10 in Toronto. Representatives for Alvarez did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Alvarez won a lightweight championship in a first-round knockout over Rafael dos Anjos in July.

McGregor stays a UFC’s featherweight champion, for now. He won a belt in December, by knocking out Jose Aldo during UFC 194.

Nurmagomedov (23-0), a warrior from Dagestan, is fervent for Alvarez to pointer on a dotted line.

Nurmagomedov told ESPN.com around text, “Before, we have large honour for Eddie Alvarez. Now, we don’t. He embarrasses his camp, he embarrasses his fans. UFC 206, I’m going to confuse him.”


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