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Cubs: Joe West’s cowboy act still bothers Joe Maddon

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Lost amid a idiocy of Friday’s diversion and David Ross’ romantic sendoff was Miguel Montero locking adult a mark on a Cubs’ postseason roster.

It’s not official, of course. 

The Cubs don’t have to get their National League Division Series 25-man register until a morning of Oct. 7, Game 1.

But Montero valid his value to a Cubs, even in an 0-for-3 bid offensively.

The maestro catcher has struggled to find coherence during a image this season, though his work behind a image has proven invaluable, generally with reigning NL Cy Young leader Jake Arrieta.

Montero helped get Arrieta in stroke Friday for a widespread opening – 10 strikeouts opposite 7 shutout innings.

It was a initial time a dual had worked together in a battery given Aug. 12, with Willson Contreras throwing Arrieta 5 times and Ross behind a image once in that span.

“Quite frankly, I’m not gonna distortion – we wanted to see that,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon certified after Friday’s game. “Miggy did a good pursuit with him. They were superb together.”

The explanation is in a numbers, too.

With Contreras over those 5 starts, Arrieta has posted a 4.50 ERA and 1.16 WHIP, averaging 6.4 innings per outing.

In a final 6 starts with Montero behind a plate, Arrieta has a 1.99 ERA, 0.89 WHIP and is averaging 6.78 innings per outing.

Of course, Montero was also Arrieta’s primary catcher for a pitcher’s other-worldly run to tighten out final season.

Maddon believes there’s a comfort turn there between a dual and with a Cubs radically usually biding time until a postseason, now was a time to make a change and see how they worked together again instead of worrying about removing Contreras some-more experience.

If Arrieta can find coherence pitching during that level, it positively gives a Cubs a new demeanour alongside 2016 Cy Young contenders Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks.

“We work good together,” Arrieta said. “I work good with Willson and with Rossy, though Miggy and we have worked together for utterly a bit of time now via a final integrate years. He knows a approach my things works. 

“He has tiny nuances, tiny mannerisms that he creates behind a image that can assistance me get behind on lane from time to time and it’s good to have a man like that who can unequivocally collect things out visually and send a summary to me by something tiny that helps me get behind in line.”

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Montero certified he wasn’t even focusing on his at-bats via Friday’s game, instead putting his full courtesy on removing Arrieta behind on track.

It might usually be one outing, though it worked, and Montero deserves credit for removing Arrieta to settle down, stop perplexing to be too ideal and usually unleash his ace stuff.

“We have to be a psychologist. That’s a pursuit as a catcher,” Montero said. “People don’t comprehend that. People consider a catcher needs to chuck and hit. No, we need to be a psychologist.

“We need to know who we got out on a mound, how to speak to him, how to go about a business, how to explain to him how to do things. we like psychology a lot and he’s one of a guys who we need to pull him a tiny bit harder, and that’s me.

“I’m gonna pull a man to a limits, ’cause we know we can get a lot some-more from him. we know who we can get a lot some-more from.”

Maddon didn’t tip his palm about who will span adult with Arrieta subsequent start, though a Cubs don’t have to make that preference right now. 

However, with a maestro catcher like Montero around who knows how to call a diversion and has been heralded as one of a best pitch-framers in ball during his prime, it’d be tough to leave him off a postseason roster.

In October, a Cubs will place a reward on guys who have been there before and can work in stroke with a veteran-laden pitching staff and in those areas, Montero has a leg adult on rookie Contreras.

Montero rubbed his rebate in personification time gracefully when Contreras was promoted to a large leagues over a summer, though now, a 33-year-old looks to be reemerging for a Cubs as a “big boy” games loom.

“I don’t know if I’m gonna locate [Arrieta] again, though we wish he keeps that movement going, that we consider is a good confidence-builder right there,” Montero said. “… My categorical idea [Friday] was usually Jake and usually to get him out there and get him to chuck a good diversion and build his certainty again.

“I went 0-for-3, though we don’t care. we achieved my idea – that was to get him to chuck a good diversion and he did.”


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