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Comcast to launch 2 Gbps fiber use starting in Atlanta in May

If anybody doubted there’s flourishing — maybe rare — foe in a business of fiber-optic Internet use to a home, demeanour during what wire hulk Comcast announced Thursday.


Comcast pronounced it will offer residential 2 Gbps service, famous as Gigabit Pro, to some-more than 1.5 million business in Atlanta starting in May. Pricing wasn’t announced, though Comcast also disclosed in a blog on a website that it will enhance this use to additional areas nationwide, creation it accessible to about 18 million homes by a finish of a year.

While Comcast has upped a Internet speeds mostly over coaxial wire (with fiber during a backbone), 13 times in a past 13 years, a Gigabit Pro fiber use puts it in foe with Google Fiber and ATT GigaPower, though during double a rivals’ speeds. Comcast’s use will be symmetrical, definition a 2 Gbps speed is both adult and down link. Comcast now offers a fiber-optic use to a home during speeds adult to 500 Mbps, though hasn’t dislcosed how many business are on that plan.

Separately, Google Fiber also has expansion skeleton that embody Atlanta, along with 3 other metro areas. Google has already deployed a use in a Kansas City area, as good as in Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas. In a Provo and Kansas City areas, businesses also get a service.

ATT GigaPower has also launched in partial of a Kansas City metro area and several other cities in Texas and North Carolina. ATT skeleton to offer Atlanta as good as 10 other cities.

Verizon recently announced plans to accelerate a 100 Gbps fiber-optic network in metro areas, though didn’t contend where. Some analysts interpreted that pierce as Verizon’s removing prepared to support fiber-optic services to a premises of homes and businesses.

Comcast’s Gigabit Pro will be sole to any home within tighten vicinity of Comcast’s fiber network and will need designation of professional-grade equipment, a association said. The inlet and cost of that apparatus wasn’t described.

Mercien Jenckes, executive clamp boss for consumer services during Comcast, pronounced a wire provider has spent a decade building a 145,000-mile inhabitant fiber backbone. He also pronounced that Comcast is contrast DocSIS 3.1, a next-generation 1 Gbps networking record that Comcast skeleton to muster early subsequent subsequent year.

“Over a entrance months and years we can design us to be aggressive, though deliberate, about rolling out gigabit and multi-gig services opposite a country,” Jenckes pronounced in a blog.

Jeff Kagan, an eccentric analyst, pronounced Comcast’s pierce was expected. While a “vast infancy of users will never need this most speed,” Kagan pronounced that people operative from home will be expected customers.

Cable radio services have “crested and are falling, “ Kagan added. “Companies like Comcast stay applicable and prohibited by charity quick Internet connections.”

According to a website, Comcast has 22 million wire TV and Internet business in 39 states. Last year, a association entered a understanding to squeeze Tim Warner Cable for $45 billion.


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