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Clinton jokes with Jimmy Fallon after GOP debate

Hillary Clinton seemed on a “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on a same night her GOP counterparts hit a discuss stage during a Reagan Library for their second strife of words.

Fittingly, Fallon reprised his Donald Trump for a blueprint in that Trump offers to speak Clinton, seeking her questions like what she would do for women in a country? What distance wall should a supervision build to keep immigrants out of a U.S.?

Clinton asked Trump-Fallon about his position on women’s issues, and he responded, “Look, we know a lot of women and they all have issues!”

When Clinton after sat down with Fallon for an interview, Fallon asked Clinton to come purify about what is in her emails from her time as secretary of state. Clinton joked that a many poignant one, an email about gefilte fish, has already come to light.

But afterwards branch some-more serious, Clinton reiterated her matter that she is holding shortcoming for carrying a private email server and is perplexing to be as pure as possible.

“This is all retroactive,” Clinton said, explaining that some information in a emails was usually designated as personal after and that she did not send or accept any information that was personal during a time.

“And a things that’s in it, we think, is unequivocally tedious people, that kind of hurts my feelings to be honest!” Clinton said.

Fallon also asked Clinton about a Republican front-runners in a interview. Clinton joked that if Trump is elected, a White House could be renamed a Trump House, and if Ben Carson is elected, he could do neurosurgery in a White House basement.

When articulate about Trump’s critique that she uses a teleprompter too often, Clinton impersonated Trump and pronounced she could cruise usually vocalization in a tide of consciousness. “You know, this is a outrageous election,” Clinton pronounced in her best Trump voice. “You never know what competence happen. Let’s get absolved of a people who don’t determine with us, and usually speak to a people who do. You could do that but a teleprompter.”


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