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China Launches Pioneering ‘Hack-Proof’ Quantum-Communications Satellite

China launched a first-ever quantum satellite Monday (Aug. 15) in an bid to assistance rise an unhackable communications system.

The nation’s Quantum Experiments during Space Scale (QUESS) booster carried off atop a Long March-2D rocket from a Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in a Gobi Desert Monday during 1:40 p.m. EDT (1740 GMT; 1:40 a.m. internal time Tuesday, Aug. 16), according to media reports.

“In a two-year mission, QUESS is designed to settle ‘hack-proof’ quantum communications by transmitting uncrackable keys from space to a ground, and yield insights into a strangest materialisation in quantum production — quantum entanglement,” China’s state-run Xinhua news group reported.

“Entangled” particles are closely and curiously related to any other; even if they’re distant by billions of miles of space; a change in one somehow affects a others.

QUESS will send messages to belligerent stations regulating caught photons, Xinhua reported. Such a complement is theoretically unfit to hack. In addition, any attempts to eavesdrop would be picked adult around an prompted change in a photons’ state.

Many nations are operative to make quantum communication a reality, though China is a initial to launch a satellite dedicated to building a technology.

The 1,320-lb. (600 kilograms) QUESS satellite is designed to round Earth during an altitude of about 310 miles (500 kilometers), completing one path each 90 minutes, Xinhua reported.

QUESS will also exam out “quantum teleportation,” lucent accurate information about a states of particles from a satellite to a belligerent hire in Tibet, according to a news agency.

The satellite is nicknamed “Micius,” after a Chinese scientist who conducted groundbreaking visual experiments in a 5th century B.C.

“Just like [NASA’s] Galileo [Jupiter probe] and Kepler [space] telescope, we used a name of a famous academician for the initial quantum satellite,” pronounced QUESS plan arch scientist Pan Jianwei, according to Xinhua. “We wish this will foster and boost certainty in Chinese culture.”

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