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Chelsea Manning Joins Twitter: ‘One Of This Generation’s Greatest Heroes …

Free Chelsea Manning

Government whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now on Twitter as @xychelsea, dictating posts to supporters from prison.
(Photo : Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr)

Chelsea Manning has assimilated Twitter underneath a username @xychelsea. The supervision whistleblower, formerly famous as Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, is now portion 35 years in jail for leaking supervision secrets to Wikileaks. As an comprehension researcher in Iraq, a infantryman collected state secrets, releasing them to a open-information website.

Manning perceived some-more than 1,000 supporters before edition her initial post.

The jail where Manning is being hold does not concede a former infantryman to entrance a Internet. Therefore, she contingency foreordain posts to supporters, who post to Twitter in her place.

Support for Manning came from Glenn Greenwald, another vital actor in new news stories on a recover of supervision secrets. Greenwald was an American publisher operative for a Guardian US when he wrote a series of stories detailing secrets performed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The publisher came underneath glow from sovereign officials who claimed he was putting American soldiers during risk.

“Welcome to Twitter, one of this generation’s biggest heroes, Chelsea Manning @xychlesea,” Greenwald wrote on a microblogging website.

A form design on Manning’s Twitter comment shows a ex-soldier as she cinema herself — with prolonged hair. However, officials during a jail where she is being hold demarcate her from flourishing her hair long.

In 2009, Manning was reserved as an comprehension researcher in Iraq, and began leaking information to Wikileaks in 2010. That year, she began to trust her secrets to an online acquaintance, Adrian Lamo, a mechanism hacker who pennyless into mechanism systems belonging to Yahoo!, a New York Times, and Microsoft. Lamo incited Manning over to Army Counterintelligence.

As Bradley Manning, a infantryman was charged with 22 depends of several crimes, including helping a enemy, that could have resulted in a genocide penalty. She was condemned to 35 years in jail for her actions, and was dishonorably liberated from a Army. The day after sentencing, Manning expelled a open matter observant she had always believed she was a lady trapped in a man’s body, and wished to be famous as Chelsea.

Manning was creatively hold in de facto removed capture during a Marine Corps Brig in Quantico, Virginia. This lifted a good understanding of critique within a United States, as good as from general observers. The whistleblower was afterwards eliminated to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, where she is means to be a partial of a village of prisoners.

Greenwald is now vital in Brazil with his regretful partner, David Miranda, citing a fear of detain and a Defense of Marriage Act as reasons for remaining outward a United States.

“Thank we all for your adore and support. we wish we will continue to follow me in a future,” Manning tweeted.


Photo: Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr


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