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Changes in store for a PAT in a NFL

PHOENIX – One of a NFL’s dullest plays, a point-after-touchdown, is about to bear a vital renovation.

The league’s owners spent scarcely 40 mins yesterday deliberating ways to liven adult a additional indicate before adjourning their 3-day assembly during a Arizona Biltmore Resort.

While they didn’t opinion on a change, they asked a foe cabinet to come adult with something decisive for them to opinion on during a league’s May 18 open assembly in San Francisco.

“It was a really interesting, sharp-witted contention with a lot of ideas,” pronounced Atlanta Falcons boss Rich McKay, a co-chair of a foe committee.

“Everyone is in support of creation a change. In a subsequent 30 days, we will see a foe committee, in and with a lot of coaches, rise other alternatives and be prepared to put something brazen for potentially a opinion in May.”

McKay pronounced suggestions for changes to a PAT “were all over a place.” But he indicated there was a lot of support for giving teams a choice of going for dual points from a 1 1/2-yard line (the line of struggle for additional points now is a 2-yard line) or kicking it from a 15.

McKay pronounced all teams also are in preference of creation a additional indicate a football play and permitting a invulnerability to measure off a blocked flog or turnover like in a college game.

Also discussed: expelling a PAT completely, and squeezing a idea posts.

“It was a really good discussion,” McKay said. “It’s transparent there’s a view to wish to change it, and change it this year. The assign to us as a foe cabinet is to come behind with a endorsed proposal, do it in a subsequent 30 days and give everybody a possibility to demeanour during it and opinion on it in May.”


Playoff change on hold

The owners motionless to reason off on any playoff-expansion vote. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pronounced there were several reasons for that.

He pronounced that if a joining had used a 14-team playoff format a final 2 years, 5 fewer teams indeed would have been in a playoff hunt in a final 2 weeks of a deteriorate than with a stream 12-team format.

“That’s a small bit counterintuitive to a knowledge we had [in a past],” Goodell said. “Whenever we make a change like that, we wish to demeanour during a positives and negatives and what competence be a unintended consequences. We wish to make a unchanging deteriorate some-more important, some-more sparkling and have some-more teams in a race. If we’re not doing that, afterwards we wish to make certain we know because and what else we can do to outcome that.”

Goodell pronounced there also is a scheduling emanate with a combined playoff game. They had deliberate personification it on Monday, yet that is when college plays a inhabitant championship game.

“We positively don’t wish to dispute with that,” Goodell said.


Hardy and Cowboys

Goodell pronounced he didn’t have any problem with a Cowboys signing defensive finish Greg Hardy, even yet a joining still hasn’t ruled on Hardy’s expected domestic-violence suspension.

“Any bar was giveaway to pointer him,” he said. “They accepted that we were reviewing his box for intensity discipline. That continues. We’re perplexing to get as many contribution as we presumably can so that we can make a many sensitive preference we can.”

Goodell pronounced he anticipates a examination of Hardy’s box will interpretation in a “near future.”

Hardy now is on a commissioner’s free list.


Jameis update

Quarterback Jameis Winston, a expected No. 1 collect in a Apr 30 draft, recently trafficked to New York and met with Goodell to speak to him about some of a off-the-field difficulty he was concerned in during Florida State, including being investigated for passionate assault.

“We were impossibly transparent about a expectations of anyone who enters a NFL or is in a NFL,” Goodell said. “What we design of them as group and how they paint not usually their franchise, yet also a NFL. The review was really candid. This is a immature male who understands his responsibility. And now it’s adult to him to [live] adult to that.”

Winston declined a league’s invitation to attend a breeze in Chicago subsequent month. He prefers to spend it with his family.

Goodell pronounced he had positively no problem with that.

“We honour that players, from time to time, have pronounced they’d wish to be with their families,” he said. “We’d adore to see a players there, yet we also honour when they wish to be with their families.”


Eagles voted down

The Eagles had due a order change that would demarcate teams from timing and contrast players during their training comforts who had attended a Scouting Combine. The offer was defeated.


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