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Candle From Twelve South Promises ‘New Mac’ Scent

Popular appendage builder Twelve South has come out with a line of sell to foster a brand, trimming from T-shirts and cups to a candle that’s been causing utterly a stir on a Internet over a final integrate of days.

Made from soy wax, Twelve South’s candle promises to broach a “New Mac” smell, as in a smell we get when we take a sniff of a creatively non-stop and unboxed MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or other Mac product.

According to Twelve South, a “New Mac” candle facilities records of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage, that somehow magically mix to impersonate a smell of a new Mac.

If we consider you’ve seen everything, here’s a new one… Ever open adult a new Mac box and smell it? (or is that only us?) We took that smell – and literally bottled it. Meet a New Mac Soy Candle. No kidding. It’s kind of awesome.

Twelve South is pricing the New Mac candle during $24, and it’s been so renouned with Apple enthusiasts that it’s temporarily sole out. The association expects to have some-more accessible for squeeze after this month.

Twelve South’s merchandise page also facilities a H2O bottle, coffee mug, t-shirt, splash cooler set, and hat, all trimming in cost from $14 to $29.


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