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Bruno Mars’ "24K Magic" is radically "Uptown Funk 2" — for improved or worse

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson struck bullion with their 2014 strike “Uptown Funk.” The song’s sharp disco and punchy, call-and-response verses kept a strain during No. 1 on a Billboard charts for 14 weeks, a camber only bashful of a all-time 16-week record hold by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day.” So when it came time for Mars to cut his first singular in about 4 years, a preference was expected easy: Let’s take it from a top.

Mars’ “24K Magic,” released late Thursday, is ornate with most of a same strut as Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” — from a posse vocals that punch in and out of a hymn (“Keep up”), to a reversion drum samples, to the impertinent synchronized dance moves Mars and his organisation whip adult for a video, also expelled Thursday. Hey, if it ain’t broke…

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The lane mostly works, notwithstanding a few unusually trite lines (“hashtag blessed”), interjection to a plain synth line and Mars’ charismatic delivery. It takes some aplomb to sincerely report yourself as a “head-to-toe essence player” and sincerely sing “put yo’ pinky rings adult to a moon” and design people to sing along with we — though many are

The whole opening might be James Brown-light, though there’s during slightest a small soul. 

Mars also common sum about his arriving LP, also patrician 24K Magic, slated for a Nov. 18 release. It looks like he does have some surprises in store: The dangerous male with income in his slot has reportedly been collaborating with EDM’s prohibited child Skrillex.

“I’m not going to give specifics of what it sounds like,” Skrillex told Billboard in June of their arriving collaboration, “but what we’re doing is so fucking different, overwhelming and next-level and sounds like zero else that’s happened before.”

Mars’ initial singular is frequency that. But it is a kind of intelligent business preference that any artist who’s perplexing to keep “wearing Cuban links” and “designer minks” would make. It’s pop’s golden rule: Give a people what they wish to hear, even if they’ve already listened it.


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