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Bruce Springsteen on gripping life honest, genuine in ‘Born to Run’ autobiography

Anyone who has ever gifted a singly soul-raising amalgam of low-pitched celebration, devout rejuvenation, egghead irritation and earthy release-to-the-point-of-exhaustion that is a unison by Bruce Springsteen a E Street Band will feel right during home in a 508 pages of “Born to Run” (Simon Schuster, $32.50), his 67-years (as of Friday)-in-the-making autobiography.

On a many extraneous level, this richly rewarding stone book could be subtitled “The Collected and Expanded Between-Song Sermons.” That’s how integral to his legendary marathon performances over a final 40-plus years are his ripped-from-New-Jersey-life fables of spirit-shaping battles with his father, his affability with his bandmates, his changeable attempts to uncover a mysteries of adore and, contracting them all together, his DNA-deep passion for music, privately that aria called stone ’n’ roll.

Throughout his career, a once thin child who was innate in Long Branch, N.J., and grew adult in circuitously Freehold, has relied on strain as a source of inspiration, a height for bargain a universe around him and a forum for self-examination and expression.

All of those qualities offer this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee beautifully in a book that illuminates not customarily a career, though a full-bodied life of one of cocktail music’s many profitable artists.


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