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Bruce Jenner’s Tell-All With Diane Sawyer To Air Apr 24

Bruce Jenner

ABC has announced that it will atmosphere a special on Bruce Jenner transitioning from a male to a lady on Apr 24. The former Olympic athlete-turned-reality star will discuss with Diane Sawyer about his sex change and will exhibit his new demeanour and name. The two-hour special is patrician “Bruce Jenner – The Interview.”

Jenner has been going by gender reassignment for several months, and a ABC talk was reportedly filmed a few months ago.

Over a Easter weekend, a star was speckled hiking in Malibu, Calif., wearing many  layers of wardrobe covering his body. Many have speculated that he was covering adult a breast augmentation.

Jenner looked opposite during a new part of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and his voice also sounded altered.

E! will be airing a docuseries about Jenner’s transition someday after this year. It was creatively scheduled to entrance in May; however, Jenner reportedly pushed it behind since hs sons are carrying problem usurpation a sex change.

During a iHeartRadio Music Awards late final month, Jamie Foxx was criticized for creation a fun about Jenner’s transition.

“We’ve got some groundbreaking performances here, too, tonight,” Foxx pronounced during a start of a telecast. “Bruce Jenner will be here doing some low-pitched performances — he’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself.”

Jenner’s daughter Kylie was in a audience, and a poke got small laughs from a audience.

Bruce JEnner


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