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Blame it on Comcast – Rob Lowe’s Funny DirecTV Ad Campaign Shut Down

Blame it on Comcast – Rob Lowe’s Funny DirecTV Ad Campaign Shut DownActor Rob Lowe’s ads for DirecTV have been, for a many part, really amusing, interjection to his waggish send-ups of normal American “losers” carrying wire instead of satellite television.  However, all good things have to end, and that unfortunately relates to DirecTV’s ad debate featuring Lowe.  Instead of a maestro actor impersonating uncanny and offbeat characters from bland American life, a satellite TV association will be featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover lady Hannah Davis, together with a articulate horse.

Yes, it will be engaging to see a pleasing immature lady shilling DirecTV with a devout successor of Mr. Ed, though there’s some-more to DirecTV finale a Lowe advertisements than meets a eye.  Earlier in a week, a National Advertising Division sided with Comcast, after a wire provider filed several complaints opposite DirecTV for a offensive, condescending inlet of a ads.  The NAD recommended, among other things, stealing Lowe’s catchphrase “don’t be like this me, get absolved of wire and ascent to DirecTV,” due to a “comparative and unsupported supremacy message.”

Aside from seeking that Lowe’s catchphrase be dropped, a NAD combined that there was no ancillary justification for DirecTV’s claims that it has a improved signal, improved design and audio quality, and shorter wait times for those who need to call patron service.

DirecTV prepared a matter confirming that it will be contesting a NAD’s findings.  According to a company, it still believes that Lowe’s renouned ads are “so outlandish and farfetched that no reasonable consumer would trust that a statements being done by a change ego characters are analogous or need to be substantiated.”

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