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Bashar al-Assad, Syria president, says US-led strikes haven’t slowed ISIS

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pronounced in a U.S. radio speak that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), that has seized swaths of domain in Syria and Iraq, has been gaining recruits given a start of U.S.-led atmosphere strikes opposite a belligerent group.

Asked how most advantage he was removing from a strikes in Syria that began final September, Assad told CBS’s 60 Minutes: “Sometimes we could have internal advantage though in ubiquitous if we wish to speak in terms of ISIS, indeed ISIS has stretched given a commencement of a strikes.”

Assad, who has been fighting Islamist and other rebels given 2011, pronounced in a speak aired on Sunday there were some estimates that ISIS was attracting 1,000 recruits a month in Syria.

“And Iraq, they are expanding in … in Libya and – many other – al-Qaeda associate organizations have announced their devotion to ISIS. So that’s a situation,” Assad said, regulating another acronym for a belligerent group.

Washington is seeking a negotiated allotment to Syria’s polite quarrel that excludes Assad, though has done transparent a tip priority in Syria is a quarrel opposite ISIS militants.

Asked underneath what resources he would leave power, Assad said: “When we don’t have a open support. When we don’t paint a Syrian interests, and values.”

In respond to a doubt about how he dynamic what support he had among Syrians, he said: “I don’t determine. we sense. we feel. I’m in hit with them.”


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