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Barack Obama says Trump substructure took other people’s money, bought a six-foot-tall painting

President Barack Obama went to Philadelphia on Sept. 13 to discuss for Hillary Clinton, who was recuperating from pneumonia. In his speech, Obama didn’t reason behind in his critique of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump.

In one quite clear line, Obama took a shot during Trump’s foundation, resisting it with a Clintons’ foundation, that focuses on improving tellurian health.

The Clinton Foundation has been pounded by critics for holding income from donors who competence have business before a destiny President Clinton.

But Obama was carrying nothing of it.

“You wish to discuss foundations and charities?” Obama said. “One candidate’s family substructure has saved large lives around a world. The other candidate’s substructure took income other people gave to his present and afterwards bought a six-foot-tall portrayal of himself.”

Obama added, to laughter, “I mean, we know, he had a ambience not to go for a 10-foot version, but…”

We have previously written about how a Clinton Foundation helped 9 million people accept lower-cost HIV/AIDS medicine, as good as a foundation’s controversies.

But what about Obama’s matter that Trump’s substructure “took income other people gave to his present and afterwards bought a six-foot-tall portrayal of himself”?

The White House reliable that a matter stems from a widely examination Washington Post story by contributor David Fahrenthold, who’s combined a array of stories about Trump Foundation and has inquired with organizations around a nation to see if they indeed perceived income from a genuine estate mogul.

Fahrenthold supposing new sum of his investigations in a Sept. 10, 2016, Post article headlined, “How Donald Trump retooled his present to spend other people’s money.”

Based on a examination of 17 years of taxation filings by a Donald J. Trump Foundation and interviews with some-more than 200 people and groups who were listed as recipients of a gifts, Fahrenthold found that “nearly all” of a income in new years has come from people other than Trump, with his many new personal present to a foundation’s coffers dating from 2008.

Experts told Fahrenthold that such an arrangement “is roughly unheard of for a family foundation.”

The story by Fahrenthold includes a chronicle referenced by Obama in Philadelphia, that Fahrenthold wrote was one of dual cases he found in that Trump used his income from a present to “buy himself a gift.” By doing so, he wrote, a substructure seemed to be flouting IRS manners by shopping equipment that usually seemed to be for Trump’s benefit.

“In 2007, for instance, Trump and his wife, Melania, attended a advantage for a children’s present hold during Mar-a-Lago. The night’s party was Michael Israel, who bills himself as ‘the strange speed painter.’ His mad act concerned portrayal hulk portraits in 5 to 7 mins — afterwards auctioning off a art he’d usually created.

“He embellished Trump.

“Melania Trump bid $10,000.

“Nobody attempted to outbid her.

” ‘The auctioneer was usually flattering bold, so he said, “You know what usually happened: When we started bidding, nobody’s going to bid opposite you, and we consider it’s usually satisfactory that we double a bid,” ‘ Israel pronounced in an talk final week.

“Melania Trump increasing her bid to $20,000.

” ‘I know it went to one of his golf courses,’ Israel pronounced of a painting.

“The Trump Foundation paid a $20,000, according to a present that hold a benefit.”

Fahrenthold’s essay records that a Post submitted minute questions to a discuss though officials declined to comment. The discuss did not respond to an exploration from PolitiFact for this article.

We asked Fahrenthold either Obama’s chronicle jibed with his reporting.

“It seems flattering accurate to me,” Fahrenthold told PolitiFact. “I talked to both a present that hold a auction and a artist who done a painting. They told me Melania Trump had indeed been a one behest on a portrayal during a auction, that she won for $20,000 — half went to charity, half went to a artist. But a tangible check came from a Trump Foundation, of that Donald is boss and Melania is not an officer of any kind.”

He combined that a auction seems to have been hold in 2006 though a check wasn’t cut until 2007, a year in that “almost all of a income in a Trump Foundation was other people’s money.”

Specifically, according to Fahrenthold’s reporting, a Trump Foundation began that year with $4,238 in a bank. Trump himself gave $35,000 to a substructure that year. But other donors gave $4.055 million, essentially a singular $4 million present from Vince and Linda McMahon, a founders of a WWE wrestling empire.

Using a many inexhaustible calculation, Fahrenthold said, Trump’s possess income accounted for reduction than 1 percent of a sum volume that entered a substructure that year, $4,094,238.

“So it was roughly all other people’s money,” he said.

So where is a painting? That’s a bit some-more mysterious. Even crowdsourcing a hunt by Twitter hasn’t constructed a accurate design of a painting.

“I can’t find a damn thing,” Fahrenthold said. “It’s out there somewhere. Neither a painter nor a present — a Children’s Place during Home Safe, in Boca Raton, Fla. — have been means to yield a design of it.”

Our ruling

Obama pronounced that Trump’s “foundation took income other people gave to his present and afterwards bought a six-foot-tall portrayal of himself.”

Fahrenthold accurate a chronicle about a portrayal with a painter, and his stating found that, during a time a portrayal was auctioned, a immeasurable infancy of supports in a foundation’s coffers were from other people, not Trump. Based on a information available, a story seems solid.

We rate Obama’s matter True.


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