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Avengers Assemble! Director Joss Whedon Launches Hillary Clinton Super PAC with Star-Studded Video (Watch)

The director’s organization, Save a Day, will inspire left-leaning groups to opinion for Hillary by a array of comedy videos featuring A-listers including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Neil Patrick Harris.


Joss Whedon usually leaves a heroics for characters in his movies, though the Avengers director’s subsequent plan is battling what he believes could be a large hazard in a genuine world.

Whedon has founded a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Save a Day and donated $1 million toward assisting her kick Donald Trump in a presidential election. Instead of going on a defensive, Whedon is focusing on enlivening people to opinion by a array of star-studded online videos. He’s anticipating that these videos will ring with several groups of people that are expected to opinion for Clinton, including farming college-educated white women and groups that mostly have low voter audience such as black group and millennials.

“It’s not about aggressive given Donny’s genuine good during aggressive himself,” says Whedon. “It’s about removing people to vote, given it’s frightening a detachment that people are treating a many essential choosing of their lifetimes with.”

Whedon has never been bashful about his domestic leanings. During a 2012 election, he finished a tongue-in-cheek video in that he admitted that Mitt Romney had “the prophesy and determination” to take a nation on a trail toward a zombie apocalypse. Last year, he sealed a petition enlivening Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president. But he’s been a constant Clinton believer given she entered a race, even when she was fighting for a Democratic assignment opposite Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I unequivocally desired a lot of a things that Bernie had to say,” he acknowledges, though adds that eventually believes “Hillary will be improved during this job.”

Before a Democratic National Convention, he began to assemble tiny get-togethers of other Hollywood writers to plead what could be finished to lend Clinton their support. “I wasn’t going to do anything until she got a nomination,” he says. “And afterwards it was a initial night of a Democratic Convention — before Michelle Obama spoke — when a Democrats were so querulous that we only went into a sweats and was like, ‘I’ve misinterpreted what needs to be done.’”

Whedon had a time to dedicate to a effort. His final film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, was expelled in 2015, and he stopped essay his subsequent book to work full time on Save a Day, building adult a tiny though gifted group that includes executive executive Ben Sheehan, who hails from Funny or Die, and conduct of media partnerships Carri Twigg, who formerly worked in a bureau of open rendezvous for Vice President Joe Biden.

The group is now during work on some-more than 10 videos and skeleton to make between 15 and 25 before a election. It launches currently with a travesty of a normal debate ad, called “Important,” that is jam-packed with A-listers, including Neil Patrick Harris and Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo. Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams, Keegan-Michael Key and Stanley Tucci have also shot videos, that operation from comedic to earnest, for Whedon. Says Sheehan: “They’re ardent about a cause, though they also adore Joss and a things he wrote.”

Hollywood has a prolonged story of ancillary Democratic candidates, and Whedon is among several party courtesy notables who have given to Clinton during a 2016 race. Media noble Haim Saban, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg all donated $1 million any to pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA in 2015. Even as distant behind as 1980, Norman Lear founded on-going nonprofit People for a American Way.

But while other super PACs are most larger, Whedon says he didn’t fundraise over his initial donation. “It would be good to get some-more funds, though we’re also a flattering gaunt production,” he adds, joking, “and there’s not a ton of explosions and helicopter shots in what we’re making. It saddens me, though we’ll live with it.”

Encouraging people to opinion won’t be an easy charge for Save a Day. Voter audience during a 2012 choosing forsaken to 57.5 percent, according to a Bipartisan Policy Center, reduce than any presidential choosing given 2000 notwithstanding an boost in authorised voters, and observers worry about detachment among electorate given this year’s candidates. “Big names get attention, though it is not transparent that they have most impact on audience rates,” says John Pitney Jr., highbrow of American politics during Claremont McKenna College. “Clever essay and eye-catching graphics do not get people to a polls. What unequivocally matters is either people trust that they have a interest in a outcome.”

Save a Day is holding a totalled approach, initial enlivening voter registration, afterwards voter audience and finally voting down a sheet on all races, both inhabitant and local. The group is doing overdo to safeguard a videos are seen by a right people and, if lucky, go viral. Whedon acknowledges that “no one unequivocally cares what an actor’s opinion is,” though he says that’s not a strategy. “Seeing somebody famous creates people stop. Seeing something humorous creates people stop. Seeing something with tension creates people stop,” he adds. “Those are a ways we can get to people.”

Save a Day is doubtful to continue past a election. “I’ll hopefully rest and afterwards I’ll go behind to finishing a screenplay that we would have finished a month ago,” Whedon says as he imagines life after a Clinton win. But if Trump prevails? “I’ll tell we what we don’t do,” Whedon says. “You don’t pierce to Canada or any of that bullshit. You don’t give adult on a world.”

Watch a “Important” spot, finish with cameos from Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle and Martin Sheen, here: 


Watch a behind-the-scenes video from a creation of a video, supposing exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, here: 


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