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Attorney: Ex-NFL actor Darren Sharper skeleton to defence in rape cases

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Five years after reaching a NFL apex by earning a Super Bowl ring with a New Orleans Saints in an All-Pro season, Darren Sharper is looking during a prolonged widen in jail after his counsel pronounced Friday a former reserve reached a defence agreement that will settle rape charges involving during slightest 9 women in 4 states.

All a purported incidents came after Sharper’s retirement in 2011, and a cases concerned identical allegations that he slipped drugs to women and intimately assaulted them when they were comatose or differently incompetent to conflict or consent.

His Los Angeles attorney, Blair Berk, pronounced Sharper would enter pleas in a Los Angeles and Phoenix areas on Monday that would solve allegations there and in New Orleans and Las Vegas. Brian Russo, his profession in Arizona, pronounced his customer will use video conferencing from Los Angeles, where he’s being held, to concede him to make a change of defence in Phoenix.

Only prosecutors in Nevada supposing sum of their partial of a understanding with Sharper. He is approaching to beg guilty there on Tuesday to one transgression assign of attempted passionate assault, with a expectancy that he’ll face between 38 months and 8 years in prison, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told The Associated Press. He had formerly been charged in a state with dual depends of transgression passionate assault, any carrying a probable 10 years to life.

“We are gratified that Mr. Sharper is usurpation shortcoming for a crimes he committed in Nevada,” Wolfson said.

Wolfson pronounced a Nevada jail tenure would run point with other sentences in other jurisdictions.

“I’m not certain where he’s going to offer his time,” Wolfson said, “But he’s going to offer poignant time.”

The proclamation came after a morning of closed-door meetings in a Los Angeles chambers of Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor.

The Las Vegas charges, filed progressing Friday before a agreements were announced, had a same settlement as a prior allegations. Prosecutors there purported that Sharper went club-hopping with dual womanlike tourists and took them to his hotel room on a Las Vegas Strip, where he unperceiving and intimately assaulted them while they were unconscious.

He had been sought on a aver in Nevada, though he had been jailed given Feb. 27, 2014, in Los Angeles, where he had been due for a rough conference Friday after pleading not guilty to drugging and raping dual women there in 2013.

The New Orleans charges lay that he intimately assaulted 3 women in 2013. The Arizona charges lay that he unperceiving 3 women and intimately assaulted dual of them in Nov 2013 in a Phoenix suburb of Tempe.

New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro wrote in a matter that he expects Sharper will be sent to Louisiana within 30 days to beg guilty to sovereign and state charges filed there.

Cannizzario thanked victims in a cases for remaining concerned notwithstanding personal attacks on their credibility. “This defence constitutes a finish clearance of these victims as good as their truthfulness,” he wrote.

Sharper had a 14-year All-Pro career as a reserve with a Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. He played in one Super Bowl with a Packers and was partial of a Saints’ usually championship season.

He was operative as an researcher for a NFL Network before being dismissed when a rape allegations surfaced.


Associated Press writers Kevin McGill in New Orleans and Jacques Billeaud in Phoenix contributed to this report.


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