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Asus might go turn with a ZenWatch 3

To put it lightly, Asus’ latest ZenWatch has not been among a favorite Android Wear watches. But now it looks like Asus is about to give it another go, and a watch’s hardware might demeanour a lot improved this time around.

Photos of what might good be a ZenWatch 3 started floating around a internet on Friday, presumably after China’s telecom regulator quickly published photos of a device taken during an inspection. While that’s not always a best justification on a own, it’s corroborated up by FCC filings from progressing in a week indicating a turn pattern as well.

That means this is what we might be looking during for a ZenWatch 3:

zenwatch 3 leak-news-tenaa

zenwatch 3 leak-news-tenaa

It’s tough to tell accurately how stylish it might (or might not) be though a closer (and sharper) look, though a three-button pattern sets it detached from a lot of a other watches. And a two-tone bronze tone intrigue is… well, we could maybe be into it, though we’ll have to see about everybody else. It also looks like a watch could be on a thicker side, with a lugs projecting downward so it won’t seem to lay so high.

Asus is presenting during IFA on Aug 31st, so we might find out what a ZenWatch 3 is all about in only a few weeks.


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