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Astronaut twin Scott Kelly starts #YearInSpace: Why that long? (+video)

It’s official: The initial American to spend a #YearInSpace has arrived.

Astronaut Scott Kelly assimilated dual Russian cosmonauts on Friday in a rocket firm for a International Space Station. They left Kaikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan during 3:42 p.m. ET, and arrived during 9:36 p.m., taking reduction than 6 hours. Yes, it takes reduction time to fly to a International Space Station than it routinely does to fly from New York to London.

Kelly will stay during a International Space Station (ISS) until Mar 2016, along with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, who will be a fifth Russian to spend a year in space. The other cosmonaut, Gennady Padalka, will spend about 6 months during a station.

What is a purpose in carrying humans spend a year in space?

One of a categorical reasons space missions are opting for longer durations of time in circuit is to investigate a effects space has on a tellurian body. Living in parsimonious buliding in a opposite gravitational sourroundings could have implications over a duration of time. Discovering and addressing these effects might give astronauts a answers indispensable to ready for longer space expeditions, such as a manned goal to Mars that could final as prolonged as 3 years.

“This is an critical step brazen to start utilizing ISS some-more effectively in credentials for tellurian missions to Mars,” Chris Carberry, executive executive of Explore Mars, told FoxNews.com.  “We demeanour brazen to some-more desirous missions during ISS and over that assistance grasp tellurian landings on Mars in a 2030s.”

Ambitions to transport to – or even inhabit – Mars have been on a arise in new years. In February, Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One narrowed a 100,000 field for a one-way outing to Mars down to 100. The finalists will spend a subsequent decade training and training how to work well as a team. The final pool will be narrowed to 24 people, who will mangle into 4 groups of 6 to be launched each dual years, starting in 2025. If they make a trip, there are no skeleton for them to return.

This private try goal is an denote of a widespread oddity in a goal to start colonization elsewhere in a solar complement – and that a vast series of people wish to space transport even if it means they’ll never lapse to earth. However, there are many flaws with a Mars One plan, including appropriation and a ability to even inhabit Mars, a world that has nonetheless to have a manned expedition.

And though spending prolonged durations in space, it is formidable to know a probable side effects of a three-year Mars trip, and how they can be prevented.

Kelly might be one of a best choices for someone to spend a year in space to investigate a effects on a body. Not usually is he a flashy space path-finder – he is a veteran of 3 space flights and has logged over 180 days in space – though he also has an matching twin brother, former wanderer Mark Kelly, who will sojourn on earth and offer as a baseline to investigate a effects.

Comparing a brothers might be more open family than new science, given Scott has spent significantly some-more time in space than Mark, therefore already providing a comparison. But still, Mark’s blood samples, exercise, and altogether earthy standing will be monitored alongside of Scott’s with a wish of gaining discernment into a impact of space on a body.

Scott will leave behind his dual daughters, ages 20 and 11, his girlfriend, and family to extract in this mission. Mark, who trafficked to executive Asia to declare his brother’s departure, pronounced that what Scott is doing is invaluable.

“This goal will pull a boundary of what Americans can do in space,” Mark Kelly said, reported USA Today. “I wish it will allege a bargain of what happens when people leave a world for a prolonged time and assistance pave a approach for promulgation Americans over low-earth orbit.”


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