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Arkansas sheriff’s emissary shot passed responding to reeling call, think arrested

A Northwest Arkansas sheriff’s emissary was fatally shot Wednesday morning and a internal military arch was harmed while responding to a reeling call. 

Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper was conspicuous passed Wednesday afternoon during Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith. A visibily romantic Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck described Cooper, a 15-year maestro and former U.S. Marine, as “dynamic.”

“He desired his job,” Hollenbeck told a news conference. “He could’ve late years ago. He desired this village so most he stayed on.” 

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Deputy Bill Cooper was shot Wednesday morning.


Hackett Chief of Police Darrell Spells progressing was treated and expelled from a sanatorium after being grazed in a front by a bullet. Police were also acid for a K9 officer that managed to get out of her cage after being shot. 

Billy M. Jones, 35, was identified as a indicted gunman and taken into control shortly before noon, scarcely 5 hours after a sharpened in a rural, wooded area about 6 miles from a Oklahoma border.

“We have singular information as to because this has happened,” Hollenbeck said, adding that investigators are “looking into” a probability that this was a designed attack.

Hollenbeck pronounced Jones’s father had primarily contacted police, claiming that his son had come to his residence and threatened him with a gun. The policeman combined that Jones was due to seem in justice today for a conference on either a before dangling judgment should be revoked.

KHBS, citing justice records, reported that Jones was arrested in Feb on charges of gun possession after carrying been formerly convicted of a felony, and of Possession of Oxycodone. NEWS5 listed mixed before offenses for Jones, including a 2007 self-assurance for make and possession of a tranquil piece and a 2011 self-assurance for burglary of property. He was charged in Feb 2016 with possession of firearms and possession of a tranquil substance.

Hollenbeck combined that that Jones had pronounced he wanted to means a “ruckus” forward of his justice appearance.

After a shootings, dozens of military vehicles, including a SWAT truck, fast descended on a area as Jones barricaded himself in a house. 

At one point, Hollenbeck pronounced Jones shot a military drudge that was perplexing to accumulate information about a scene. The policeman combined that officers also found explosives inside a home.

James Markward, who lives nearby, told a Associated Press he listened a turmoil early Wednesday.

“It woke me adult this morning, a gunshots. Of march we didn’t know what was going on,” a 72-year-old pronounced in a write interview. “My neighbor called me and asked if we was shooting, and we pronounced `No, not me.”‘

Markward pronounced a sharpened think once helped him separate wood, though pronounced he hadn’t seen a male in a few years.

“As distant as we know, he was all right,” he said.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson pronounced in a matter that Cooper’s genocide “tragically illustrates a dangers a law coercion officers face any and each day to keep us safe.”

U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman, whose district includes partial of Sebastian County, echoed a governor’s support for police.

“It’s a contrition a cost that law coercion officers are profitable right now,” Westerman said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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