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Arizona Prairie Dogs Test Positive For Bubonic Plague

Flagstaff, Arizona – Little level dogs are generally deliberate to be lovable and submissive animals. In some tools of Arizona they are even a common steer circuitously parks, open fields, and other circuitously areas. Coconino County health officials are now warning to stay divided from these animals, and equivocate passed or failing ones during all costs. Just like a Black Plague that ripped by a tellurian race many hundreds of years ago, a level dogs circuitously Flagstaff, Arizona have tested certain for a Bubonic Plague. This is a really same illness that killed off some-more than 1/3 of a tellurian race during a center ages.

Arizona Prairie Dogs Tested Positive For Bubonic Plague

Prairie Dogs in Coconino County, Arizona tighten to Flagstaff have located another Prairie Dog cluster that is putrescent with a Bubonic Plague. These Prairie Dogs lift fleas that could punch and taint other animals, including humans. (Image from Wikipedia)

The level dogs are indeed only a untimely victims of a fleas that they are carrying, who in spin taint them with a Bubonic disease while satirical their flesh. Those fleas an afterwards burst simply from one level dog to a next, and sojourn on a passed animal for a prolonged time. This is because health officials are creation such a large understanding about avoiding a ill and passed specimens especially. Chances are that if we were to confront an ill or passed level dog in Coconino County, Arizona it could be haboring fleas that could only as easy taint you. Once a Bubonic disease infects humans, a fleas can means it to fast widespread in open areas.

So distant there have been no famous tellurian infections as a outcome of this removed epidemic. Researchers have been examination a level dog populations closely for a integrate years, and this is not a initial time that members of this class have tested certain for a plague. Last year, reduction than 6 months ago there was another cluster that had been reliable infected, and there were fears that there could have been more.

Arizona Prairie Dogs Test Positive For Bubonic Plague.


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