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Apps for a Apple Watch: A rough start

SAN FRANCISCO — There are thousands of apps for a new Apple Watch, though really, how many are unequivocally value your time?

Well, as I’ve found after a few days with a new digital device, a truncated apps designed for a new interface can run unequivocally solemnly and take utterly some time to load. They can be cart — unless they take advantage of a best and many unchanging underline of a watch: notifications.

Many of a new apps “are not intuitive, that is a kindest thing we can say,” says Richard Doherty, an researcher with a Envisioneering Group.

He chalks adult a problem to developers rushing to get apps out for Day One — though carrying a exam watch to use with. Apple historically doesn’t send out exam products to developers. So over a subsequent few weeks, as developers get their hands on a Apple Watch, “you’ll start to see approach improved apps,” he says.

So for now, here’s a outline on some of a some-more earnest apps for a watch — and some of a potholes we encountered.

Tickets: American Airlines and Southwest let we house a craft with a crack of a wrist. For Southwest, we checked in 24 hours brazen of my flight, had a boarding pass texted to my phone, and extrinsic it into Apple’s Passbook app. From there, my boarding pass was automatically eliminated to a Passbook app on a Watch.

• The examination apps are terrific. The Apple Exercise app lets we select from options like Outdoor Walk, Run or Cycle, Elliptical and Stair Stepper. You collect a time and how many calories we wish to shed, and a Watch gets to work, counting calories as we step, and alerting we when you’ve reached your goal.

• Notifications. Mapping directions around a phone on Apple Maps now transfers to a Watch, with any turn-by-turn instruction displaying there. New tweets notifications around a Twitter app uncover adult on a watch face, and your watch rings when something new comes in. This could, however, be noticed as a intensity problem, another set of tones to make us jump.

• Buying lunch. My favorite restaurant, Chipotle, betrothed that we could sequence on a watch. But not really. First we had to pointer in to a app on a phone and do a grouping there. Then, we could strut into a store, bypass everybody on a line, click open a Chipolte app on a watch, and arrangement it to a clerk to get my lunch. That’s a lot of stairs — because not only lift out a phone, that has all a same information?

• Uber. The app for ride-sharing did as betrothed — almost. It let me ask a float from a watch. But afterwards Uber’s dreaded “Surge Pricing” presentation came up. Once we concluded to travel over 25% some-more to Uber, a watch shade said:

“Demand is off a charts. Open a Uber app on your phone to endorse your fare.” Ugh.

• Target’s app sounds promising. Open it adult to find directions to specific equipment within a store — like where to find diapers or toothpaste. At a Target City store here downtown, we got a app open, and saw a hunt tool, though that’s as distant as we got. The app never entirely loaded.

• Both Pandora and NPR have apps that act as a remote control to listen to song and radio on a phone. And they worked. we clicked open NPR, and a podcast started personification on a phone. we could click to go brazen to a subsequent one. Ditto for Pandora.

• Gaming. Most of a best games for a Apple Watch are elementary puzzles and mixed choice quizzes. Trivia Crack is a ideal example. Compete opposite someone online, and answer a multiple-choice question. This works ideally on a watch. But too many games, like Trivia Crack, Letterpad and Best Fiends, ask we to start a diversion on a phone and continue play on a Watch. You can’t be station on a train or murdering time somewhere and holder open a watch for amusement, unless a phone is in your other hand. How’s that a fun experience?

To get new apps for a Watch, initial we need to refurbish your iOS program on a iPhone to chronicle 8.3, and voila, an Apple Watch idol now appears on your iPhone.

Open that app to take we to a new Apple Watch store, where we can see what’s featured, links and descriptions to many, many new apps, and a hunt underline as well.

Readers: Found any apps for a Apple Watch that we love? Let’s discuss about it on Twitter, where I’m @jeffersongraham and Facebook.


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