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Apple Gets More Serious About Virtual Reality

Apple’s practical existence skeleton are no illusion.

The consumer record titan has combined a new investigate section dedicated to practical existence and has been building prototypes of a probable VR headset, according to a Financial Times news on Friday.

The new VR investigate section is done adult of staff from several startups Apple


has scooped adult as good as pivotal hires from companies operative on VR or modernized camera technologies, including Microsoft


, a news said.

Apple’s latest merger is a startup called Flyby Media, that specializes in mechanism prophesy program that lets mobile inclination lane objects and know locations, a Financial Times said. That association also worked with Google


on a Project Tango smartphone technology.

As partial of a push, Apple has poached several former employees of Microsoft who worked on that company’s HoloLens VR project, a news said. Microsoft’s HoloLens headset device specializes in a several of practical existence record called protracted reality, in that users can see three-dimensional holograms that are displayed and blended into a earthy world.

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In August, it was reported that Apple hired Nick Thompson, who was a lead audio operative for Microsoft’s HoloLens project. At a time, a employing led several Apple analysts to speculate that a association might be operative on a headset that could opposition HoloLens or a Google Glass protracted existence glasses.

Last week, Apple hired Doug Bowman, a Virginia Tech highbrow who specializes in practical reality. He wrote a doctoral thesis about tellurian communication in practical environments, and his investigate group won a Microsoft grant to use a HoloLens device for a investigate project.

It’s common for large tech companies to partisan from academia to get record imagination in areas they are not clever in and to assistance with additional recruiting, explained Paul Hofmann, a CTO of information analytics startup Space-Time Insight who has worked during several universities. An determined educational will mostly have a network of students and researchers who will be prone to follow a highbrow to a new business venture, Hofmann said.

“Hiring a good name is a seed for tip talent to join a company,” pronounced Hofmann. “Most tip academics have networks of ex-students, that mostly adore to come behind to work with a academic.”

Many vital companies have been aggressively employing and investing in practical existence record in new months, including Google, Facebook, and Samsung, according to a investigate news by Macquarie Securities this week. With a Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR, and other VR inclination approaching to premiere this year, a authors pronounced that “no one wants to be left behind.”

The news pronounced that Apple, like Google, needs to “figure out how they wish to position themselves competitively.”

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During an researcher call with investors about Apple’s latest gain news this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that a association was looking into practical reality. He pronounced practical existence is “really cool” and some-more than only a niche technology. It’s something that could lead to “interesting applications,” Cook pronounced but explaining more.

Some analysts have questioned either Apple is late to exploring practical existence when compared to companies like Facebook and Google that have already built their possess VR devices. Recent hires and acquisitions, however, seem to prove that Apple is peaceful to aggressively deposit and contest in a space.

Apple declined to criticism to Fortune.


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