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AP FACT CHECK: Trump objects to cursing

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump, annoyed by counterfeit language?

So it seemed in a Republican presidential discuss Thursday night. The particularly potty-mouthed New York billionaire objected to an clamour spoken by former Mexican President Vicente Fox over Trump’s offer to build a fortress-like wall along a Mexican extent and make Mexico recompense for it.

A demeanour during statements in a discuss and how they review with a facts:

TRUMP: “I saw him use a word that he used. we can usually tell you, if we would have used even half of that word, it would have been inhabitant scandal. This man used a filthy, outrageous word on television, and he should be ashamed of himself, and he should apologize, OK?”

THE FACTS: At issue, it contingency be said, is a F-bomb.

Fox forsaken it when disapproval Trump’s skeleton for a wall.

Trump, meantime, has run a profanity-laced campaign, blurted out a S-word on mixed occasions and used an descent tenure for doormat opposite antithesis Ted Cruz.

But what about THAT bomb?

At a convene in New Hampshire, he declared: “We’re not going to let Mexico take all a businesses. … We’re going to pierce business back. … And we can tell them to go” — pausing — “themselves given they let we down, and they left.”

He didn’t contend a word. He mouthed it.

And Trump used a word aloud and several times in a 2011 Nevada debate before he was a candidate.


CRUZ: “The Obama-Clinton economy has finished huge repairs to a Hispanic community.”

THE FACTS: The ripping of a housing burble in late 2007 is what unequivocally shop-worn a Hispanic community, before Barack Obama took office.

Under Obama, Hispanics have done strides from a inlet of a Great Recession. Their stagnation rate is 5.9 percent. The rate is above a inhabitant normal of 4.9 percent, yet it’s good next a 2009 rise of 13 percent.

Hispanics have gained 5 million jobs underneath Obama, a 25 percent boost given 2009. Under George W. Bush, there was a 21 percent expansion of 3.45 million jobs.

But there is one pivotal area where Hispanics are struggling to recover: Median income for that organisation was $28,757 in 2014, about $1,644 reduction than in 2007 after adjusting for inflation.

Cruz exaggerates when pursuit it a Obama-Clinton economy. Hillary Clinton was his secretary of state with small or no change on his mercantile policy.


TRUMP: “You demeanour during a borders, they’re like Swiss cheese, everybody pours in.” And: “We have during slightest 11 million people in this nation that came in illegally.”

THE FACTS: He’s indulging in some exaggeration and his avowal about a 11 million isn’t utterly right.

During a final bill year about 337,000 people were arrested perplexing to cranky a extent illegally, a nearby 40-year low.

While there are an estimated 11 million people vital in a nation illegally, not scarcely that many pennyless a law when they crossed a border. More than 40 percent of such immigrants are suspicion to have entered a nation legally with a visa and overstayed that visa.


MARCO RUBIO: “It is a health caring law that is fundamentally forcing companies to lay people off, cut people’s hours, pierce people to part-time. It is not only a bad health caring law, it is a job-killing law.”

THE FACTS: The explain that Obama’s health caring law is a pursuit torpedo is tough to block with a fact that a economy has combined some-more than 13.4 million jobs given a law took effect. The stagnation rate has depressed to 4.9 percent from 9.9. percent given Obama sealed a act.

Nor is there justification that workers are being changed en masse to part-time hours. The series of part-time workers has indeed depressed somewhat given a health caring law was passed: There were 27.6 million part-timers operative in Mar 2010, and there are 26.3 million now.

To be sure, about 6 million of those with part-time jobs would cite full-time work yet have been incompetent to find it. That figure has declined usually from 9 million given a Great Recession finished in Jun 2009, yet it is still high.

The diligence of “involuntary” part-time practice has led many economists to worry that it could be a long-term problem, yet they remonstrate on either a health caring renovate is a base means of that.


TRUMP: Says permitting health insurers to sell polices opposite state lines would hint competition, and “that’s going to solve a problem.”

THE FACTS: Allowing a widespread sale of health word policies could outcome in a proliferation of lower-premium plans. But it’s not transparent that many consumers would wish them. This long-standing GOP offer has formerly run into antithesis from regulators in many states.

State word and consumer-protection regulators contend such an proceed would concede petty out-of-state policies to undercut advantages that particular states require, triggering a foe to a bottom. Proponents of widespread foe contend they’d forestall that by spelling out a simple advantages plan.

Some word attention insiders see another complication: Out-of-state companies might not have adequate internal networks of hospitals and doctors.


RUBIO: Repeats a injured explain to have wiped out an word “bailout” in President Barack Obama’s health caring law. “When they upheld Obamacare they put a bailout account in Obamacare … we led a bid and wiped out that bailout fund.”

  THE FACTS: Rubio was a outspoken competition of a “bailout.” But Republicans weren’t means to clean it out — only extent it. And other GOP lawmakers contend Rubio did not operative a maneuver.

  At emanate is a partial of a health caring law called “risk corridors,” dictated to recompense insurers that sealed adult sicker-than-expected patients underneath a health caring law, incurring high costs. The supervision could recompense only 13 percent of risk-corridor claims final year given of lower-than-expected fees paid by insurers who were doing good financially. Congressional Republicans barred a administration from regulating taxpayer dollars to make adult a difference, yet Rubio wasn’t obliged for that move.


TRUMP: Challenged by former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to recover his taxation returns, he pronounced “I will positively give my return, yet I’m being audited now for dual or 3 years, so we can’t do it until a review is finished, obviously.” He serve pronounced that he’s been audited for “12 years, or something like that. Every year they review me, review me, review me.”

THE FACTS: It was a initial time Trump has mentioned audits as a reason to check releasing his earnings — after observant over a final several weeks he designed to make them open soon.

But in any event, no turn of inspection prevents him from creation his earnings public, pronounced Joseph Thorndike, a taxation law highbrow and contributing editor to Tax Analysts, an attention publication.


Associated Press writers Jill Colvin, Alicia A. Caldwell and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Jeff Horwitz contributed to this report.

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