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Anti-bigotry critics harass wrong pizzeria

(CNN) –

Two years ago in a reduction violent time, Mike Premeau and Kathy Danke launched a tiny business, Memories Gourmet Pizza Co., in their Wisconsin town.

The dual were successful in removing their line of solidified pizzas, including breakfast pizzas and gluten-free options, in stores opposite Nichols, west of Green Bay. They grew a bottom of constant customers.

But all that was threatened this week when people began mistaking them for Memories Pizza of Walkerton, Indiana, that finished inhabitant headlines after a owners pronounced they would exclude to support a same-sex wedding.

People posted indignant comments on Memories Gourmet Pizza’s Facebook page and called a phone series to protest. And roughly overnight, Premeau and Danke found themselves bearing unwillingly into a inhabitant discuss over Indiana’s argumentative Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“My stomach was in my throat all afternoon,” Danke told CNN affiliates WBND and WFRV.

“All of a sudden, a Facebook page started removing flooded,” Premeau said. “I was shocked. It was like we was a rodent using around in a cage, wondering what’s going on here.”

In a vicious coincidence, a inundate of snub began on Wednesday, Apr Fool’s Day.

“If I’m ever in a area, I’ll be certain to starve to genocide before we give we and we dogmatism any of my money!” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

“I don’t have most of a message, solely that we wish your prejudice puts we out of business really quickly,” a male pronounced in a voice mail.

Premeau thinks a firestorm was sparked by people Googling “Memories Pizza” and treacherous a dual businesses — notwithstanding a fact that Nichols and Walkerton are in detached states and roughly 300 miles apart.

He and Danke attempted to defuse a cheer with a Facebook post observant in part, “We are not that association in Indiana, nor do we determine or acquit their difference or actions.”

In response, they began removing messages of support on Facebook, along with a few sharp-tongued comments from supporters of a other Memories Pizza.

Premeau pronounced he also got a call from a male whose initial post might have set off a amicable media storm, apologizing for a mistake. Still, he worries that repairs to his indiscriminate pizza business might have been done.

“This misinformation and this insult of impression could means me to remove a business over someone else’s temperament in another state,” he said.


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