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Analyzing Cole Hamels’ Opening Day Struggles

The initial diversion of a deteriorate has come and gone, though that wasn’t a usually thing going Monday. Phillies ace Cole Hamels authorised 4 home runs to a Red Sox, descending plant to Mookie Betts, Hanley Ramirez and Dustin Pedroia (twice). Obviously, Hamels struggled to locate, throwing 100 pitches in only 5 innings of work. The Phillies ace has notoriously started slow throughout his career, though where did he onslaught on Monday?

On Monday, Cole Hamels showed a good brew of pitches, throwing 30 fastballs, 21 sinkers, 26 changeups, 11 curveballs and 12 cutters.

Against right-handed hitters, Hamels threw a high volume of four-seam fastballs and changeups. On Monday, a high volume of fastballs left a yard. The initial came on a 95.9 mph four-seam fastball to Dustin Pedroia. The plcae of a fastball was center in, though held approach too most of a plate.


As we can see, BrooksBaseball.net has supposing us with a demeanour from a beat perspective of where Hamels fastball to Pedroia was located. Dead red fastball. Hamels done a mistake, even during 95mph, a good hitter will make we pay.

In a third inning, Mookie Betts done Cole Hamels compensate on a initial representation fastball, depositing it into a seats for a 2-0 Boston lead. Yet again, Cole Hamels threw a fastball that held too most of a plate. This fastball was during 94mph and left a yard even faster.


The draft above shows a fastball that Hamels threw to Betts. Another middle-in mistake that a good hitter capitalized on.

The third mistake from Hamels came to Dustin Pedroia, who already dejected a 95mph fastball from Hamels. This time, Hamels threw a 94mph two-seam fastball adult and in. According to BrooksBaseball, a representation was out of a zone, though still adult in a zone.



The adult and in gray dot is a second home run of a day for Pedroia. In all reality, it isn’t a terrible representation from Hamels, though if he is perplexing to bust Pedroia in on a hands, make certain he doesn’t get extended.

The final home run of a day came on a changeup to Hanley Ramirez. In his fifth inning image appearance, Ramirez saw a curveball and a changeup. The initial representation in a method was a low and in curveball for a strike. Hamels corroborated that adult with a changeup that was in a heart of a image and Ramirez did not miss.



Hanley Ramirez loves a get his hands extended (what hitter doesn’t?), and Hamels towering a changeup that would find a seats. This was Hamels fourth and final mistake of a day.

For a day, Hamels threw 100 pitches and 64 of them were strikes. While his 64 percent strike commission was right in line with his 66 percent strike rate for his career, 4 of those found a seats. Last year, Hamels surrendered only fourteen home runs in 30 starts. Just one diversion into a 2015 season, and it appears to be roughly unfit for Hamels to transcribe those results.



The tract draft above is any of Hamels pitches yesterday compared to what a strike section should be. As we will see, Hamels has a lot of tract points over a heart of a plate. This was his biggest emanate yesterday, location. On any of his pitches, a quickness and mangle was good, and Hamels even strike 96 mph, though if we can't locate your pitches opposite a good attack  team, you’re in trouble. Yesterday, Cole Hamels was only off his diversion and left too many pitches over a image opposite a really good descent club. Don’t worry, folks, this shouldn’t turn a trend. Hamels only had a really bad day.


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