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Amy’s Kitchen, Wegmans remember solidified spinach products for Listeria risk

A span of recalls involving solidified spinach are inspiring thousands of products during grocery stores in North America. 

Amy’s Kitchen, a renouned organic prepared dishes company, is recalling packages of solidified lasagna, pizza, pasta, and some-more containing spinach since they could be infested with a germ listeria, a association pronounced in a corner recover with a Food and Drug Administration.

The remember includes approximately 73,897 cases of a far-reaching operation of Amy’s solidified products made between Jan. 21, 2015, and Mar 14, 2015, and shipped to stores national in a United States and Canada.

Affected Amy’s products include: Vegetable Lasagna, Tofu Vegetable Lasagna, Garden Vegetable Lasagna, Tofu Scramble, Enchilada Verde Whole Meal, Spinach Pizza, Brown Rice Vegetables Bowl, Stuffed Pasta Shells Bowl, Gluten Free Tofu Scramble, and Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegetable Lasagna, sole in several package sizes.

The remember was released after an organic spinach retailer told Amy’s that it might have perceived a spinach conveyance sinister with listeria, a bactertia that health officials have related to illnesses and deaths, quite in immature children and a elderly. So far, Amy’s has perceived no illness complaints related to a recall.

In a apart notice released Monday, supermarket sequence Wegmans removed approximately 12,540 packages of Wegmans Organic Food You Feel Good About Just Picked Frozen Spinach, also for probable listeria contamination. That product was sole in 85 of a company’s stores in  New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts between Jan. 27 and Mar 21, 2015. Affected packages have “Best Used By” dates of possibly Jan. 26, 2017 or Feb. 2, 2017. Wegmans skeleton to forewarn business who used their Shoppers Club Card to buy a product with an programmed phone call.

It’s misleading if a dual recalls stemmed from a same spinach supplier. In both cases, business who bought a removed products should lapse them to stores for exchanges or full refunds.  For Amy’s, business with questions can call  (707) 781-7535 Monday by Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time. For Wegmans, business can call (855) 934-3663 Monday by Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Listeria has been a revisit remember culprit, quite for fruit and unfeeling products. In December, listeria in pre-packaged caramel apples was related to 28 illnesses and 4 deaths in 10 states. Earlier this month, a Texas Department of Heath related 5 illnesses and 3 deaths to listeria found in ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries.

For full lists of removed products, revisit a Amy’s remember notice on a FDA’s website here and the Wegmans remember notice here


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