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American Allyson Felix takes china as Shaunae Miller of Bahamas earns gold

RIO DE JANEIRO — For violence Allyson Felix, Shaunae Miller gets a bullion medal. Maybe they should give her a cape, too.

It took a head-first dive, Superwoman-style, for Miller to open an Olympic dissapoint Monday over America’s tip womanlike competitor in a 400 meters and repudiate her a record fifth bullion medal.

Miller, a 22-year-old from a Bahamas who finished second to Felix during a universe championships final year, took an early lead, afterwards hold off her assign along a straightaway. Neck-and-neck with dual stairs to go, Miller sprawled, pacifist and tumbled opposite a line to win by .07 seconds.

Now, instead of a accession for Felix, it’s a jubilee for Miller, whose dive will go down as one of a many thespian images we’ve seen during these, or any, Olympics.

“This is a impulse we have been watchful for,” Miller said. “I only gave it my all.”

Starting from Lane 7, Miller stretched a lag, instead of removing gobbled adult a approach many women do when Felix is on a track.

Stride for walk they ran down a final 100 meters, until a final few steps. Felix, classically lerned by Bobby Kersee, finished a text gaunt into a finish line. Miller attempted something else. The dive is something no manager would ever teach. Then again, extraordinary things occur with a bullion award on a line.

“I was only focused on myself,” Felix pronounced when asked about a dive. “I didn’t unequivocally have too many thoughts on it.”

As Miller lay on her back, panting for exhale and maybe even dumbfounded herself during what she’d done, Felix sat on a belligerent stone-faced. Ten seconds passed. Then 20.

While Miller jumped with her arms flailing forward, a manners contend a win is dynamic by that contestant has any partial of her torso cranky a line first. The print finish showed a disastrous picture of Miller’s sprawled-out body. Her shoulder hardly kick Felix to a line.

The outcome popped adult on a scoreboard: Miller won in 49.44 seconds. The bronze went to Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson.

What a finish. What a race.

It noted utterly a beating for Felix, whose deteriorate only didn’t spin out a approach she designed it.

“I don’t consider we ever utterly had a year this tough,” Felix said, as her eyes welled with tears.

She was one of those singular athletes who had a cachet to get a Olympics to change a schedule. After winning a universe championship during 400 meters final year, she put a 200-400 double in her sights for a Olympics. The news as it was creatively created finished it impossible: The 200 heats were scheduled for a same dusk as a 400 final.

Felix asked, and she received: The 200 heats were changed to a morning to give America’s best womanlike competitor a possibility for a two-fer.

But she never got to a starting line in a 200. She landed awkwardly on a medicine round while doing core work in a gym during a open and her ankle swelled adult like a balloon.

Suddenly, what once was a query for dual golds remade into a onslaught to simply make a Olympic team. She did in a 400 though not in a 200. Then, Miller showed adult and handed Felix her third Olympic disappointment. This china goes with a span she won in 2004 and 2008 in a 200.

Even so, she became a many flashy U.S. womanlike lane star, with 7 altogether medals, including 3 in a relays.

But this was Miller’s night.

The flagbearer for her nation in a opening ceremonies, Miller came into a games 5 for 5 in her races this season, including Diamond League meets in Shanghai, Eugene and London.

Now she’s 6 for 6.

A furious finish to a crazy night.

It began with a surge that stopped movement in all a events and put a DJ to work, personification “Singing In The Rain,” “Umbrella,” and “I Can’t Stand a Rain,” among other fare, while a fans waited out a delay.

Those who stayed got their money’s worth.

Miller got a few scratches and scrapes, though she also got a gold.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.


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