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After years of testing, Facebook releases On This Day personal story reminders

If you’re one of a billion or so people regulating Facebook to bond with friends and family, we now can use a amicable networking site to automatically applaud your critical memories.

On This Day, a apparatus launched by Facebook on Tuesday, takes anything from birthdays to marriage anniversaries logged on a site and notifies we of a special moments on a dedicated page on a site, by your News Feed or around mobile app. Facebook has been testing a feature for several years, though this is a central entrance after a association took in user feedback to rise a stream iteration of a feature.

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Currently, there’s no approach to totally opt out of a underline on your News Feed, though Facebook has reliable that an algorithm will work to filter out potentially upsetting memories, such as posts from people you’ve damaged adult with and memorialized pages. This will come as acquire news to users who remember some of a issues associated to Facebook’s Year In Review feature.

On This Day

Image: Facebook

And these On This Day reminders aren’t usually for weddings and special events, they also extend to posts you’ve been tagged in. So that all-nighter from final year, finish with photos of we dancing on a streets of Barcelona? Yep, there’s a intensity that you’ll get to relive that night over and over, any year. If it shows adult in your News Feed, we can undo it, though we can’t assistance though consider that some aged eventuality might eventually cocktail adult that you’d rather not relive.

facebook on this day

Image: Facebook

Aside from a News Feed, if you’d rather keep your possess On This Day entrance notifications to a minimum, we can simply spin notifications off and opt to usually perspective days presented on your private On This Day page (facebook.com/onthisday), where we can undo any events or dates you’d rather not see again.

Users incompetent to see a underline currently should usually give it a small some-more time as a association gradually distributes a underline to a mobile and desktop users globally in a entrance days.

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