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Adorable Patriotic Singers Made Famous by Donald Trump Now Want to Sue Donald Trump

Jeff Popick, manager and creator of USA Freedom Kids. Photo via VICE

Jeff Popick, manager of USA Freedom Kids, a nationalistic organisation of girls who sang during a Trump convene in Jan and went viral as a result, now skeleton to sue his favorite candidate, a Washington Post reports. Previously he told VICE that Trump had a intensity to turn “the best boss we’ve ever had in a story of a country.”

But now Popick is observant that a Trump debate jerked him and his cackle of singing girls around, creation written promises that it didn’t follow by on. First, he claims, a debate betrothed them a list where they’d be means to pre-sell their albums following their now-infamous opening in Pensacola, in lieu of tangible compensation. That didn’t happen. Following that, a debate reportedly called Popick final notation to give a opening in Des Moines, usually to cancel after a girls landed, withdrawal Popick to cover all a costs of travel.

“This is not a billion-dollar lawsuit,” Popick told a Post. “I’m not looking to do conflict with a Trump campaign, though we have to uncover my girls that this is a right thing.”

The manager and father of one of a Freedom Kids believes he has a case. He’s consulted with an profession and skeleton to record a fit in a subsequent integrate of weeks, claiming he’s due a makeup opening for a canceled date in Des Moines or some form of compensation.

The lady organisation done headlines progressing this year for a opening of a strange strain “Freedom’s Call,” that Popick wrote. The strain includes a line “President Donald Trump knows how to make America great.” Reportedly USA Freedom Kids are no longer formulation on releasing that strain on a arriving album, that goes on sale (sans hit) in September.

“At this point, my position is that we have no position, really,” Popick pronounced about his feelings for a Republican presidential candidate. “He competence still be a best claimant as boss of a United States—or not.”

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