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Adobe’s New Brainstorming App For Designers Is Here

The final time we saw Comp CC, a newest tool in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, it was called LayUp, and creator Khoi Vinh had usually demoed it during Adobe MAX 2014. It is, in essence, a manageable brainstorming app that recreates the early theatre pen-and-paper sketching knowledge on an iPad. It complements Adobe’s marquee applications InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Comp CC launches today, and it hews closely to a prophesy Vinh laid out for LayUp. “There’s a brainstorming theatre for each designer,” says Vinh, who came adult with a thought over a year ago when Adobe VP Scott Belsky sought his ideas for new digital tools. “But we consider there’s an unmet need, given coop and paper have been a collection of choice. With hold inclination there’s this event to get a best of both worlds, and to work as fast as we could on paper, and be as disposable as paper.”

With Comp, Adobe wants to enlarge a purpose in a designer’s workflow. Adobe already is instrumental in a execution theatre given of those 3 element apps. But they are still tools, designed for a desktop. Comp is mobile. In an ideal use case, we can suppose someone watchful during a airfield or sitting in a coffee shop. He’s got a appearing deadline and needs to produce out a layout. On Comp, with fingertip or stylus, he draws a square. Depending on a settings, Comp’s engine knows it’s a content or picture box. He draws another prolonged rectangle; Comp knows that’s a title box. Eventually, he has a endurable layout. Each movement takes usually a daub or two, by design. Every communication was built with speed in mind. “Why would we need to daub on a menu object to beget a circle,” Vinh pronounced when we initial saw a app. “Why wouldn’t we pull it?” Everything combined in Comp can be fast exported to other Adobe apps and finished on a desktop.

Like a Smart Sheet of Paper

There are some refined sum that weren’t accessible during final fall’s demo. In LayUp, Vinh showed how a app’s responsiveness would fast spin messy, unilateral shapes into orderly aligned boxes. That’s still here, of course, though Comp has a some-more pithy gesticulate vocabulary, so a engineer can learn a shorthand that allows adding sum like dull corners. Typekit libraries are entirely available, and users can filter by style, by weight, or favorites. That’s a initial for mobile creativity collection like this.

The other newer fact is that export button. With it, designers can entrance edited images from elsewhere, to get a improved layout. They can also fast rebound ridicule ups over to InDesign, to tweak a finishings. It’s frequency glamorous, though provides a seamlessness that is pivotal to creation a mobile knowledge work—and Adobe is committed to creation it work. “Connected creativity, or a thought of artistic form library,” says Adobe VP Will Eisley, “That’s unequivocally a core of what a Adobe prophesy is.”

In this way, Adobe offers a new viewpoint on a iPad’s value proposition, that has been ghastly given a debut 5 years ago. Bigger phones and smaller, lighter laptops are usually creation it murkier. Eisley and Vinh know this—Vinh even wrote about it on his blog Subtraction final year—and remain undeterred. “The thought is that it lets we do what we do on paper,” Vinh says. “Setting adult a specific dimension for a workspace, we consider that’s unequivocally tough to do on a large phone. Screen genuine estate unequivocally matters. And a huge fact that we can concentration on, on a desktop app, to get into a sum becomes a drag to creativity. Not that you’re not being creative, though we feel a requirement to get all a fact right. Tablets and hold interfaces usually let we try creatively.”


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