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Acetaminophen Use By Pregnant Women May Lead To Behavioral Problems In Children, New Study Finds

Women who use acetaminophen, a common pain service medication, during pregnancy might be exposing their children to a heightened risk of building a series of behavioral problems, a new investigate has found.

Acetaminophen, ordinarily called paracetamol, is deliberate protected for profound women as a heat reducer. However, in a investigate published Monday in a biography JAMA Pediatrics, a group of British researchers highlighted probable effects of a drugs that could be unpropitious to a child in a prolonged run.

The researchers complicated information for 7,796 mothers from a Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children from 1991 to 1992. Data for their children and partners was also analyzed for behavioral problems and acetaminophen use.

Acetaminophen use was assessed during 18 and 32 weeks of pregnancy and when a children were 5 years of age (postnatal usage). As a partial of a questionnaire, a mothers were to news of any behavioral problems in a children when they were 7 years old.

Almost 53 percent of a women reported regulating acetaminophen during 18 weeks while 42 percent reported use during 32 weeks. Postnatal use was reported by 89 percent of a women and 84 percent of their partners. Behavioral problems were reported in 5 percent of a children.

The women who used acetaminophen during 18 weeks of pregnancy were 42 percent and 31 percent some-more expected to news hyperactivity and control problems respectively in their children than a women who did not use a drug. Using acetaminophen during 32 weeks increasing a risk of exposing a children to a far-reaching operation of behavioral problems by 46 percent.

To make a study’s commentary some-more comprehensive, a researchers analyzed a series of other factors. They found no links between postnatal acetaminophen use or use of a drug by a partner during pregnancy and a child’s behavioral problems.

However, a commentary have been questioned by some. NBC News reported Dr. Hal Lawrence of a American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, saying: “ACOG and ob-gyns opposite a nation have always identified acetaminophen as one of a usually protected pain relievers for women during pregnancy.”

“This new study, and other studies that have been conducted in a past, uncover no transparent justification that proves a approach attribute between a advantageous use of acetaminophen during any trimester and developmental issues in children.”

A 2013 investigate had found that holding acetaminophen frequently during pregnancy could lift the risk of function problems in children by 70 percent. The new investigate does not put a total as high as a prior one though a authors counsel opposite a visit use of a pain reliever. They added that “the risk of not treating heat or pain during pregnancy should be delicately weighed opposite any intensity mistreat of acetaminophen to a offspring.”


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