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About that ungainly using in ‘Insurgent’…

Let’s be clear: Ansel Elgort is not an ungainly runner; Caleb from Insurgent (out now) is really ungainly runner.

Caleb (Elgort’s character), who values his believe in a coterie Erudite in a Divergent series, gets comically winded when he tries to keep adult with his sister Tris (Shailene Woodley) and her beloved Four (Theo James). He’s a noticeably bad sprinter, that is funny, since he does copiousness of running in a second Divergent film. But, of course, Elgort is only acting as yet he runs that way.

Elgort told Rotten Tomatoes:

“It’s not like me to be like not earthy like Caleb… we don’t run like Caleb, by a way, let’s make that clear… we run like me, and Caleb runs like someone who’s Erudite who’s not cut out for using around. Acting is apropos a character, and a impression is gonna do all a certain way: eat a certain way, splash a certain way, run a certain way, speak a certain way, that’s a character.”

That ungainly using reminds us of a few some-more fast-paced performances (in a video above).

Want some-more on-screen running? Check out this supercut:


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