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Abbey D’Agostino urges Nikki Hamblin to finish after tumble in 5000 meters

11:33 AM ET

RIO DE JANEIRO — The Olympic suggestion was on full arrangement during a second feverishness in a women’s 5,000 scale run Tuesday morning.

New Zealand curtain Nikki Hamblin tripped and fell to a lane during a race, with American Abbey D’Agostino afterwards tripping over Hamblin and descending to a belligerent as well. Hamblin lay there wondering what had happened when she felt D’Agostino’s palm on her shoulder.

“Get up, get up! We have to finish!” D’Agostino told her. “This is a Olympic Games. We have to finish this.'”

D’Agostino helped Hamblin up, and a dual continued to run. Having harmed her knee during a fall, D’Agostino was not using good and when Hamblin looked behind to see if she could help, a American simply said, “Keep going, keep going.”

The dual both finished final and subsequent to final (Hamblin in 16:43 and D’Agostino in 17:10) and hugged afterward. Despite a bad finish, they both will allege to a final due to carrying been tripped. D’Agostino did not go by a churned section to pronounce with reporters due to her knee damage though Hamblin voiced zero though almighty thankfulness to a curtain she had never met before.

“I am so beholden to Abbey for assisting me,” Hamblin said. “That lady was a Olympic suggestion right there. we am so tender and desirous by that.”


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