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A Gorgeous Multiplayer-Only Recreation Of ‘Goldeneye 007’ Is Out And It’s Free

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For a era of gamers, Goldeneye 007 (or Goldeneye 64 for a severe and decrease gamers) was a initial step into a life of initial chairman shooters. Some propitious kids had 3.5-inch shareware floppy disks of Doom, maybe even Duke Nukem 3D, though for many — this was it. Sleepovers in that 4-player split-screen tournaments dominated a tube TV were a norm. The clunky, oddly-designed N64 controllers would hook off a front of bicycle handlebars like a cowboy’s six-shooter, prepared to be tested in area conflict royales. For a few years, zero was some-more critical that Goldeneye. Nothing.

As we know, time defeats (almost) all games. The attention changed on, and usually a few years later Halo, broadband and a new era of console wars would hold Pierce Brosnan’s polygonal face obsolete. But a fans remembered. Oh yes, they remembered. These kids would grow adult to be diversion developers, and over a final 5 years, they’ve worked diligently regulating Valve’s Source engine (the engine that powered Portal, Half-Life 2, L4D, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike ((small games)) to remaster Goldeneye 007 for a subsequent generation. N0 — a stream era of gamers.

In this multiplayer-only distraction of a classical shooter, you’ll suffer 25 levels (the strange had 11), all of a guns we remember amatory and hating, 60fps of smooth, hi-res gameplay and a singular fury usually sharpened over an Oddjob can supply.

The best part? It’s free.

(Via The Verge)


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